Sunday, February 7, 2010

Called to serve Him, Heavenly King of Glory...chosen e'er to witness for His name...

Hello!! THANKS for the e-mails!! Those letters took forever.... I think I sent them maybe 2 or 3 weeks or so ago. Weird. But I'm glad you got them!
Well the baptism was super great!! Жаргалтогтох was sooo happy, as well as all her Mongolian friends. They're all together now in one church and one faith. They're so strong together, and they ALL want to serve missions!! They will be SOO good if they all decide to go! It was a great way to end our transfer. Sorry I forgot my cord for my camera, but I'll have the pics from the baptism next week. I'm at the Southams today, I spent the night here because Sister Gorlova got transferred to Krasnoarsk!!! Boo. So I'm here alone until my companion comes. And then she'll be alone when she comes ( :( ) for the weekend while I'm gone on a visa trip to FINLAND! Wahoo! So I'll be leaving Friday and coming back Monday. I'm super excited. We will get to go see the temple there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I'll be sure to take lots of pictures. But I'm super excited because my new comp's name is Sister Gneiting, and I already know her! She studied at BYU-I with me, and we were together in the MTC. She's one transfer older than I am, so it should be ... interesting with our Russian. But it'll be good, and I know we are meant to be together at this time. I just hope I can figure out this city! Haha!

5 out of our 8 missionaries left to either go home or be transferred to another city this transfer. So the zone will be really different this next time. I think that God has something interesting planned for us, and it makes me excited to see things moving here. I feel something exciting will happen. But it was for sure sad to see them go. Change is always hard at first, as you know.

I'm glad you enjoyed the video of the crazy slide. That was such a fun day.

Oh Mom, I keep forgetting to tell you--- you would go crazy here! There are dogs EVERYWHERE. I think they're like squirrels in Spokane; they wander everywhere, and they run across the streets, they beg for food, they follow you. Who knows who's dog they are? they hardly ever have collars. It's crazy! But they actually are pretty smart with the streets and cars. (the drivers here are OUTRAGEOUS.)

Sounds like your missionary program was cool!!! Good job Dad with your enthusiasm! Let me know how anything goes with your efforts. That's cool how they said that you don't need to share a lesson when you talk to your friends. Just share a small testimony of how the gospel blesses your family, or your health (Word of Wisdom), or anything. When those things come up, a small simple testimony can be really powerful, and can sure leave an impression. Good job!!

Mom, thanks for all the info about home. ;) It really is fun to know about that stuff.  Good luck on your children's Book of Mormon search for Joslyn. I found one in Russian at the MTC, but I assume that won't help you too much. ;)  She will be all grown up by the time I come home!!

Dayton, yes I do know Elder Wheeler, he's serving in Улан-Удэ сеучас. He's a nice kid.  (Dad, Ulan-Uday is a city kind of across the Baikal Lake, maybe 8 hours from here.)
Krystine!!!! It is so so good to hear from you! Keep updating me on life (all parts :) )! Alaska!!! Let me know what happens!!! You're amazing! I love you! :)

Well I love you all!!! Have a great week and my next e-mail should be veeeeeeery interesting! Keep being awesome!!! The Church is TRUE!!!!!

с любовю,

Сестра Рид :)


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