Sunday, November 29, 2009

DEFINITELY not in Kansas anymore! :)

Sorry, I didn't have much time last week to explain the pictures. It's weird because the bathroom and the toilet are separate. But also, in Russia everywhere, the lights are on the outside of the rooms. Weird... but fun when someone is going to the bathroom... hehe. Yes, my kbaptupa (apartment) is very warm at night. It's pretty cold here, but I hear it's nothing compared to how it will be in a couple months.. as low as -30 during the day!?! It's pretty outrageous. So we'll see how that goes... haha. 

The npuxog (branch) is very nice, however they are still fairly new and lacking some organization. Barely no one has callings, and there is no VT or HT yet. Sister Sauphom (we have a lovely senior couple here called the Sauphoms) has been trying to work on that whole VT thing. But she speaks less Russian than me so it's a slow work in progress. People who know English well love to talk in English with me, but most just talk in Russian.

I don't have to cut my hair and wear a bunch of make-up! So that's good news. My district and zone are the same thing- only 10 missionaries in Irkutsk. I go to a little cafe place to use the internet right by the npuxog.
So yes, things are coming along. My Russian is slowly progressing, but I can see a little difference. I notice that I can listen fairly well and comprehend the main idea of what people say, especially when they use large hand gestures, haha. But talking is a little bit harder for me. I'm practicing. The main people we are working with are 4 Mongolian girls who all want to be baptized which is great! I taught english club last night which was interesting... haha, but I teach a group of people who are a little better at talking. There are 4 levels and I teach the 3rd. Sister Gorlova gives me her love and support from afar. English club is a really cool way to find new investigators. I like it. We try to pass out invites throughout the week for english club. I gave one to a girl the other day on the mpaMbau (don't klnow how to spell it in English, haha) Wahoo!

So tomorrow we will have Thanksgiving at the Sauphoms and spend all day eating and all that goodness! So it'll be fun! I hope you all have a really wonderful Thanksgiving!! That's so fun that Dayton and Ashley will be there!

Well I love you all and sorry this letter was so scattered and random. Take care and stay happy and healthy! Have a really great Thanksgiving!! If there is anything I am thankful for this year, it is all of you!!!

MUCH love--

Cecmpa Reed :)

Sword fighting with icicles.

Me and Sister Gorlova.

Oksana, me and Angelina (a member of the ward)

The Sauphoms.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

My first email from Russia!


So my p-day is Wednesday... but I have no idea when it is there... probably super early Wednesday morning I think or something.

I'M HERE! Thanks SOOO much for the e-mails! Here's the deal, I can only write one e-mail to family only so if you like, you can forward it to whomever. Thanks!

Much to talk about!! after like, 5 days I'm in a city called Irkutsk.
I traveled on a train for about 1 1/2 days (fun! after about a day... :) ) and arrived early morning in Irkutsk where some very cheerful people came to meet us. (me and Elder Petersen.) It's very cold here, but while I was in Novosibirsk, I was able to buy some boots. And me and Sister Gorlova went to the renik (outside shopping area... CRAZY!) and I got a coat and amazing gloves and hat. So I'm nice and warm!

So my companion- her name is Sister Gorlova. She's from the Samara mission. She's SUPER nice and so patient with me. Oh my goodness, I am blessed to have her. She's halfway done with her mission, so she has a lot of experience. She knows like ummmm..... no English. Well she knows the basics- I probably know more in Russian than she does in English. We play a lot of charades and always have the slavar (dictionary) with us. It's good- we understand each other for the most part, haha.

The people in the npuxog (branch) are VERY nice. The young ladies are all so sweet, and they enjoy trying to talk to me... I think it's because I'm amusing. The branch is very small. A lot of adults and only one young woman. No kids. Maybe 4 Priesthood holders. So it's quite different.

We've done a few lessons of course, and I don't understand most of what's going on...

But all in all it's been great- I'm here and settled in and stuff! Our apartment is quite nice really- there's some pics here.  Enjoy!

Welp, I'm out of time-- I love you and I hope all is well! Oh- and tell Dayton that the Russian people- Cannot sing. I mean, really. It's sad. Ahaha.

Have a great day!!!! LOVES!!!!


Sister Reed

The King of Pop in Russia.

Train ride from Novosibirsk to Irkutsk.

A town along the way, Russian countryside.

Our apartment building.

The "stall".  :)

Welcome home!

Work area.

Here are some of my last pictures from the MTC...

Me and my cousin Hermana Brodhead!!  It was so nice having her at the MTC with me!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

I'm HERE in Russia!!!

My new name tag!

Welp, after a VERY long flight I finally arrived here and I'm safe and well! I didn't sleep much on any of the flights, so I've been very tired. But our Mission President, and the Mission President Assistants were there at the airport to pick us up.
The airport was like in the movies, where we got off the plane outside, down the stairs- not connected to a building. Then we took a bus where you hold on to the hangy things from the ceiling ( you know...) and it took us to the airport. Then we met our Mission President. We got here to the mission home (so nice!) and Sister Trejo had prepared b-fast for us and we took a nap! Then we had a devotional and some of us found out where we're going. I didn't get to......... But tomorrow I will! And none of us are staying in Novosibirsk so I will be taking a train somewhere. Yay!
But I do love it here. It's VERY cold... but it feels really homey and I enjoy it.
Anyway, I will write more on my p-day, but I wanted to tell you that I'm here and safe!

Ok - one more picture from the MTC!

We had our own little Halloween!!!  SCARY!!!!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Leaving for Russia!!!!! Last posting from the MTC!

Last pictures from the MTC!

Our District the day Sister Anghel left.  Sister Anghel's on the far left.  She was our teacher.

There always has to be a silly picture.

Sister Torst, Sister Abram and me.  We took a walk to the temple one Sunday.

And yet - another silly picture.

Sister Dungan, (Sister Abram and I, coordinating Sisters) and Sister Hansen.  These sisters are lovely.  They were our only non-native Russian girls we had to watch over.


I have been in the call center at the MTC every Friday and I've had some really cool times there.  I actually really enjoy doing it.  I've had some good conversations over the phone and also on chat.  I've placed a couple Books of Mormon, and I've gotten a couple people that I set up times to call back and be progressive.  I pray that they'll still progress.  But yes, it's really fun and I tend to get a lot of Southern people - it's fun.  :)

I was able to do some sealings in the temple the other day.  Some of the Russian Missionaries brought in family names and were sealed to their families.

I leave Monday morning from Salt Lake City at 8:35 AM.  There is a lay over in New York from 3:11PM to 4:30PM.  We arrive in Moscow, Russia on Tuesday at 10:10AM (Moscow time).  We leave Moscow at 10:30PM that day.  We arrive in Novosibirsk, Russia Wednesday morning at 5:30AM.

My pouch address is:  (for letters)
Sister Tiara Reed
Russia Novosibirsk Mission
P.O. Box 30150
Salt Lake City, UT  84130-0150

My Mission Home address is: (for packages)
Cecmpa Tiara Reed
Russia Novosibirsk Mission
46 Kirova Street
Novosibirsk, Novosibirskaya Oblast,
Russian Federation

Sunday, November 1, 2009

A little over a week to go in the MTC!

It's been really fun having Kimmy here. She was so sweet to leave hearts on my door! I felt really loved.

We started SYL (speak your language) yesterday which means I committed to only speak Russian all the time. It's been really interesting- I feel like I know nothing, but it's been kinda fun trying to get my point across. :) So I had my last english convo for a while.

Guess what happens in 2 weeks? I leave to Russia!  It's pretty exciting! I'm so ready to go and see Russia for what it really is and meet the people and just everything! :)  It's going to be like no where I've ever been!  It feels kind of like I'm on Star Trek!