Sunday, November 29, 2009

DEFINITELY not in Kansas anymore! :)

Sorry, I didn't have much time last week to explain the pictures. It's weird because the bathroom and the toilet are separate. But also, in Russia everywhere, the lights are on the outside of the rooms. Weird... but fun when someone is going to the bathroom... hehe. Yes, my kbaptupa (apartment) is very warm at night. It's pretty cold here, but I hear it's nothing compared to how it will be in a couple months.. as low as -30 during the day!?! It's pretty outrageous. So we'll see how that goes... haha. 

The npuxog (branch) is very nice, however they are still fairly new and lacking some organization. Barely no one has callings, and there is no VT or HT yet. Sister Sauphom (we have a lovely senior couple here called the Sauphoms) has been trying to work on that whole VT thing. But she speaks less Russian than me so it's a slow work in progress. People who know English well love to talk in English with me, but most just talk in Russian.

I don't have to cut my hair and wear a bunch of make-up! So that's good news. My district and zone are the same thing- only 10 missionaries in Irkutsk. I go to a little cafe place to use the internet right by the npuxog.
So yes, things are coming along. My Russian is slowly progressing, but I can see a little difference. I notice that I can listen fairly well and comprehend the main idea of what people say, especially when they use large hand gestures, haha. But talking is a little bit harder for me. I'm practicing. The main people we are working with are 4 Mongolian girls who all want to be baptized which is great! I taught english club last night which was interesting... haha, but I teach a group of people who are a little better at talking. There are 4 levels and I teach the 3rd. Sister Gorlova gives me her love and support from afar. English club is a really cool way to find new investigators. I like it. We try to pass out invites throughout the week for english club. I gave one to a girl the other day on the mpaMbau (don't klnow how to spell it in English, haha) Wahoo!

So tomorrow we will have Thanksgiving at the Sauphoms and spend all day eating and all that goodness! So it'll be fun! I hope you all have a really wonderful Thanksgiving!! That's so fun that Dayton and Ashley will be there!

Well I love you all and sorry this letter was so scattered and random. Take care and stay happy and healthy! Have a really great Thanksgiving!! If there is anything I am thankful for this year, it is all of you!!!

MUCH love--

Cecmpa Reed :)

Sword fighting with icicles.

Me and Sister Gorlova.

Oksana, me and Angelina (a member of the ward)

The Sauphoms.


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