Sunday, November 15, 2009

I'm HERE in Russia!!!

My new name tag!

Welp, after a VERY long flight I finally arrived here and I'm safe and well! I didn't sleep much on any of the flights, so I've been very tired. But our Mission President, and the Mission President Assistants were there at the airport to pick us up.
The airport was like in the movies, where we got off the plane outside, down the stairs- not connected to a building. Then we took a bus where you hold on to the hangy things from the ceiling ( you know...) and it took us to the airport. Then we met our Mission President. We got here to the mission home (so nice!) and Sister Trejo had prepared b-fast for us and we took a nap! Then we had a devotional and some of us found out where we're going. I didn't get to......... But tomorrow I will! And none of us are staying in Novosibirsk so I will be taking a train somewhere. Yay!
But I do love it here. It's VERY cold... but it feels really homey and I enjoy it.
Anyway, I will write more on my p-day, but I wanted to tell you that I'm here and safe!


Lizzie said...

I don't know if you are actually posting on this or someone is doing this for you, but I'm glad that you made it safe to Russia. I'm happy that I can know how are are doing on your mission. Have fun and be safe. Always follow the Spirit. You are at a time of your life where there isn't many distractions which is wonderful. I loved it because I was so isolated from the world.

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