Sunday, December 13, 2009

Winter Wonderland!


Wow- thanks for the e-mails!! I do love hearing from you all! :)

I hope you're staying warm! I bet the new house looks way pretty with the Christmas
lights up! I believe that I will really miss Christmas because here people
don't really understand the meaning of Christmas. Almost everyone is
Christian, but that doesn't mean much all the time. So I hope to bring them
some real Christmas cheer this year and maybe they'll catch on!! We have a
little concert going on this week for Christmas and we're trying to invite
as many investigators as we can. I think it'll be super cool!

Thanksgiving was super great. We ate tons. I think Sis Gorlova liked the holiday. But we talked
in English most of the time which she doesn't enjoy too much. I can understand.

We did some tracting last week, and some contacting. It's pretty cold, yes! But, tracting is different sorta because almost everyone lives in a дом which is like a big apartment complex. And the hardest part is getting
in the first door. You have to punch in some numbers... it's tricky. Or we can page someone random and ask them to let us in, haha. Yeah, good luck.  :) But once you get past that, we just go to each door. It's really hard to find people that way...Contacting and tracting here is hard. It's hard when people deny us before we even have the chance to tell them anything.  They don't know what they're missing!

You can send any kind of pictures that you want! :) I always enjoy it! :)

So cool about the first presidency message! I am sure I will read it in the Liahona, if I can.... the Liahona is always in Russian. haha. Go figure.  But maybe I can find a way to get my hands on a English one. English
classes are good- I'm having fun with it. :) Yeah it's of all ages, but mainly college student age, and we have some older peeps too. So it's fun!

Yesterday we talked about sports, and we all went around saying what kind of sports we like. This lady- maybe 60 something, said, "I like arm wrestling." And so she challenged someone to a duel and this girl went up and armwrestled her! The older lady was holding strong for a long time! But finally they called it a tie. It was so intense! haha! So you never know what can happen in English class. The best part about english club is that after we have gospel english where we have a spiritual thought. A lot of people stay, so it's pretty good. We usually have high hopes of findng someone new at english club.

So last week we went to the зоо парк (zoo)!! It was cool, but ghetto! hahahaha.  I have never seen a crazier group of animals ready to break out!! They were all insane, I'll tell you what. But it was fun. Today we are going on this giant SLIDE! It's all ice, and people build it with pretty ice castles and stuff, so I'm excited! I'll give you pics next week. :)

We have 2 baptisms this week- Zula and Aruna. It's pretty exciting. So we're getting all ready for that. I want to see someone get baptized in a river. Maybe someday. :)

But yeah, life is good! This week I've been reading in Mosiah about Abinadi. He is so cool. I wonder how many of us would be that bold in sharing what they know to be right. I am learning here what it means to be
bold. And often times it is very necessary. But would I die for the gospel? I think so.

Well I better get going, but I love you all and I hope all is well this week! I will be speaking with you soon, yes?? я вас люблю!! очень сильно!!

сестра рид :)

1) what the...? (the zoo)

2) Angarsk- city next to Irkutsk, we have an investigator there. Cool, yeah?

3) Also Angarsk. HAHA. Lenin.

4) Irkutsk village- this is how I imagined russia.

5) This is for Dayton (Domino's Pizza!)

6) Long Day! :)


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