Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Ten thousands gigawats?!?!

Hey hey hey!!

I just love love hearing from you!!  Thanks for the e-mails!  :)

So it sounds like things are moving moving along at home!  You bought a house???  Well I guess I better be like Dayton and experience what it's like to come home to a new home.  :)  But if you love it, I'm sure I will too.  Sorry that you have to move all my stuff.... I hope I left it okay for you and not too much of a mess when I left.

So this week was pretty good.  Nothing too exciting to say.... the weather has been hot and then rainy and back and forth.  Life is good.  The work is moving on.  :)

Oh, I wanted to tell you that I took out my emergency money FINALLY a couple weeks ago.  So if you saw a big chunk go out of my bank account, that's where it went.  You know what's weird?  We took a nap today and my arm fell asleep.  Since then, it's been still kinda numbish... weird feeling.

That's exciting Mom, about your surgery.  I'm sorry you are scared after watching that You-Tube film... EEW.  But I will pray for you that everything will be okay.  I know that you are brave!  And I hope that you will be feeling all better really soon!!  Thanks for telling me funny stories about Joslyn.  They crack me up!  :)  I love you so much and I want to hear how everything goes!!  You are an inspiration to me!!

Yeah Dad, the bike riding trail was that pretty the whole way.  Isn't that cool?  Siberia is really so much prettier than I thought.  There are so many places here where I would love to photograph.  We'll have to do a lot of that when you all get here!  :)  We just take public transportation everywhere we go.. busses, marshutkas (it's like van, and they cram as many people as they can in them), tramvai, and so on.    I'm glad that your family history class is going so well!!  That's way awesome!  I hope that I can help you when I get home!  I know that me and Ashley started a while ago, and I hope we can continue!  :)  I love you!  Thanks for your love and support and your wise words.  They really do help!  :) I love you!!

Dayton- я тебя люблю!  я рада за то, что у нас есть секретный язык! ты будешь ехать сюда через семь месацов?

Krystine-  You crazk me up!  I love you!!  You should be getting a letter from me soon..!

I love you all and I thank you for all of your encouraging words of wisdom!!  I feel close to you even though you are across the world!!  I love you all!!!

с любовью,
Сестра Рид :)

                      1) Wet summer... lots of walking!

                           2) The postal system here

                    3) Me and Uliana... we love gummy worms!

                                   4) Russian babas


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