Sunday, July 25, 2010

There are kids sitting around playing their internet games... the one next to me has his comp faced right in my direction... oh now he's shooting someone...

Hey!!  Thanks for the great e-mails!  I'm glad to hear that things are going well and rolling along at home!  Lots going on this week.. that's pretty cool!!  And something important:


I hope it is super awesome, because you are awesome!!   :)

And I hope all worked out well with finals for Dayton; I bet you did awesome!!!

Well this week was interesting for sure.  The sad news is that we called Natalia and out of nowhere she asked me to not call her anymore.  I asked her why and she said that it's just better that way.  Her son called too a bit later and said something, but I didn't understand except that he asked us not to call.  :(  I have no idea what happened, but I did have a feeling in the back of my head that it was too good to be true.  I guess it might be a lack of faith, but I just don't know if things work out that quickly and easily in this work.  I was in shock completely, but I know that God has a plan for everything.  And I know that we are at WAR right now.  Satan is trying to do everything he can do to tear down our efforts.  And that includes tearing down our faith.  Every companionship in our zone was struggling somehow in the work, and I can just see how Satan is at work here.  But we are doing our best to fight back to the best of our abilities.

We weren't able to meet with Tatiana, but we hope to do that this week.  She is the only hope we have right now, really.

So yesterday morning Sis T left on a bus to head to Novo and then home.  It was really weird seeing her leave, knowing that she wasn't getting transferred, but HOME.  Like, she's done.  It was really really weird.  I just want to use this time to the very best of my abilities while I still have it!  And I hope I could help her finish her mission the way she wanted.  That was my goal, and I hope it worked out.  I think about when I will be in that last interview with my mission pres, and then stake pres, and how I will think about all that I've done on my mission.  How hard did I work?  How dedicated was I?  I want to make sure that I have NO regrets.

My new companion came actually on Monday evening.  You will not believe who it is... a mini missionary!  I knew that there would be 3 mini missionaries that would serve in this mission b/c 3 sisters were leaving to go home.  But I didn't think that I could do it... be with a mini.  I didn't think I was ready.  But here I am.... and it's actually pretty great so far!  She is the companion that I need to be with right now.  It's hard because I have to teach her about the schedule, and the rules and stuff, and I forget that she doesn't already know those kinds of things.  But she's ready to do missionary work and she's obedient so it's awesome.  Her name is Uliana.  She's super funny and she speaks... perfect english.  It's a blessing.  :)  I just don't know if I'm ready to be senior companion!

So yeah lots of changes going on.  But life is good!

Dad- Thanks for writing to me last week!  You know what's funny is that I got that letter about 3 minutes before the internet shut down.  Good timing!!  I'm glad you had so much fun with your little bro.  You're a great big bro!!  I'm glad that all is going well with you!  And I really liked the pics of you and mom and you with the tie on!  Yay, it looks good!!  :)  Thanks for your words of wisdom and support.  They really helped this week.  :)  I love you!!!

Mom- Thanks for the e-mail!  I'm glad that they figured out what to do with your pain.  I really hope the surgery goes well and that it won't take too long to recuperate.  I pray for you that all will be okay!  I love you!!!

Shon- That's so awesome that you are starting up so many new adventures... school at Whitworth, Primary teaching (great practice :) ) and RUSSIAN!!!  Yay, you can be in our secret club!  :)  And of course I will help you with your H/W.  :)  You are awesome!!  I love you both!!  :) :)    

Well, I hope you all have a super great week and I love you all!  Stay happy!!

Sister Reed

                     1) Fun, huh?  It was even funner to use!

                              2) On the road again....

                    3) We went bike-riding last week and it was way fun!

                   4) My new turtle friend we found on the trail

                   5) This shows how much he loved me


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