Saturday, July 10, 2010

I Know my Redeemer Lives

Hello everyone!

Great to hear from you all!!  I'm glad that you are all still staying upbeat and happy!

This has been a pretty cool week!  YES, I bought a camera!!  And I love it!  If you want to find out about it, it's a SONY Cyber-shot.  It's a big upgrade from my other camera ( :) ) and it wasn't very expensive!  Thank you so much for letting me buy it.  I plan on never losing it!!  :)

So this week we saw success in little ways/steps.  We met with this inactive family and on Sunday the dad with one of their little boys came to church!  I was so happy to see them!!  We have met with them a couple times already and have been gaining their trust and friendship.  Because of that, we were able to be bolder with them and commit them to come to church, and they came!  Hopefully next time the mom will come too.  It's interesting the different reasons why people go inactive... Some of them I don't understand.  We are actually going to their house tonight to make lasagna!  That are interested in American meals... and I can't say I know how to make lasagna well at all... haha... but we will try it.  I really hope it works out!  Haha!

Also, we met with this woman, Tatiana, who is a friend of the RS President here for the second time.  The first time, just Sis T and the RS President went to talk to her about the Book of Mormon,  But this time, we taught her about the restoration of the gospel.  (the 1st lesson)  It was SO good!  She took it all in and the spirit was very strong.  She is excited to read the Book of Mormon.  We are going back today and it should be great, I hope.

We haven't met with Maria in a while.  She had another tradegy in her life this past week; her daughter died.  She is struggling very much and doesn't want to meet with us right now.  We don't want to push her, so we have been giving her space.  We pray that in time she will be ready to meet with us again.

Mom: I am so happy that you are staying happy and positive.  I pray that you will be able to feel all better soon!    :)  I love you!!!

Dad: Yes, I have talked in a british accent with the Russians.  They think it's pretty funny.  :)  And yeah, it is hard to understand little kids sometimes- I really try to understand them!  :)  Yeah, I got most of the cat pee smell out.... haha... but I have to be careful when I go to someone's house who has cats.... especially when they start sniffing around my bag.  :)  I love you and I hope you have a great week!!  Thanks for sending the pics!  I already told Shon, but I'm kinda weirded out by that other person in the pic with just us as a fam.  Who's body is that???  Haha!!  I'm not sure if I should laugh or be creeped out, lol!

Well I hope you have a super great week!!  I love you all!!!!

Thanks Krystine, for the letter!!  You are awesome- I love you!!  :)

Sister Reed  :) :)

                              1) A road in the village

          2) The people who live in the village usually have big, pretty houses like this

            3) Sorry it's blurry--  this is what Barnaul looks like with all the rain

                             4) More... am I in Russia??

                  5) Sorry it's dark-- this is the cutest kitty ever!!


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