Sunday, October 11, 2009

Randomings at the MTC

This was  my first laundry day in the MTC.  Me and Sister Abram like to share skirts.  Here we are matching. 
I reached my 1/2 way point last week!  I'm not sure if that went by fast or slow...but it's crazy to think I'll be in Russia!

These were our coordinating Sisters, Sister Larsen and Sister Burke.  They got to leave this week.

Sister Fronk and I with two of our Russian friends.  Sister Loboda and Sister T.

Almost (minus a few) our whole branch after the other missionaries left. 

And then some of my favorite sisters.

Sister Abram and Sister Fronk.

Tomorrow new Sisters and Elders come so I'll be pretty busy with that.  We are only getting two new Sisters which is crazy, but they will be getting a lot of attention and love, which in nice for them.  Then next week we get our new native missionaries from Russia!  So that's really exciting!!!


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