Sunday, October 25, 2009

Tiara's tidbits!

I hosted for the new missionaries on Wed (which means meet them when they arrive and take them to get checked in and stuff) AND guess who was coming the SAME DAY?? Yep-- Hermana Brodhead! So I was most definitely her host! It was really fun! And she lives like 3 doors down from me so we see each other often. I love it! But what are the odds that I would be Hosting the same day Kimmy came? So cool.

TODAY the Russian elders and sisters received their endownments in the temple! So we all went and it was a wonderful experience! We met them in the celestial room and they were all so happy! It reminded me of my first time and all the wonderful family and friends I had there. I am so blessed!

So anyway, overall it's been a pretty good week! 3 weeks from yesterday and I'll be in Russia! Pretty crazy, huh?

OH! And guess what EVERYONE has been telling us? Sister missionaries in Novosibirsk have to cut their hair above their shoulders and wear lots of make-up. WHAT?? So we'll see how true that is. But we've met people from there here who say it's true.

Have a wonderful week!

Sister Reed :)


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