Sunday, June 20, 2010

Jesus Wants me for a Sunbeam!

Hello my Lovely Family!!

Thanks so much for the letters!!  Man, I got a LOT this time around again....!!  That's so cool because I heard that after a certain time on your mission people start to forget you...and you get less letters.  Haha!  Makes sense, but I'm glad it's not happening yet!

I really appreciate all your prayers for me... this week started off hard, but ended out super great.  Heavenly Father blessed me with peace and I know it's from your prayers.  :)  Thank you.

So this half-week was pretty good.  Just doing work and living life here!  Nothing too new has happened since I wrote on Sat.  English Club has been fun, but it's hard!  These people have a bigger vocab than I do sometimes!  It's an English lesson for me as well when I'm trying to explain what a word means, like the difference between "mood" and "attitude."  Haha.  But it's cool.  I have to be really creative.  Yesterday we talked about the difference between careers in Russia and America.  I actually told them about your job, Dad, and they were pretty impressed.  A job in the field of law is very prestigious here.  And it's pretty dang sweet in America, too!  You know something weird?  In Russia being a doctor is a really CRUMMY job.  You don't barely get paid at all.  They don't have to go to school for very long either to be a doctor, so that could be part of the reason.  But I think that's funny.  And also they were telling me that if you did bad in school and you just want to quit, you can buy an insta-diploma.  Crazy, huh??  I was amazed at that.

Well besides that, not much is new.  It is still sooooo hot.  But I hear it's getting hot too there!  Fun fun!!

Mom- Go you!  You are so great- I'm excited to hear how your programs are going.  Keep me updated on that, ok?  By the way, how is your arm/neck/head?  Getting any better?  I hope so!  I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!!  P.s.- I will print out that article and read it.  That's pretty awesome!!  p.p.s.- Remember that one show with the people doing stupid stuff?  Whiteout of splashout or something?  Funny!

Dad- Way to go in being a squirrel-rescuer!  Thanks for the pic of the squirrel, BTW.  Hehe.  Awesome.  Keep up the great work.. you are awesome!  I LOVE YOU TONS!!!

Well have a super wonderful week!!  I love you all very much!  Stay happy!!!  :)

The church is true!  :)

Sister Reed


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