Sunday, September 5, 2010

On the road again...

Hey!  So I realize that I am writing earlier than usual, so I am excited to get extra cool letters next week!

So the reason that I am writing now is because I am leaving for a new city, Tomsk.  My comp left today to go to a youth conference, so I will be without a comp for the last 2 weeks of the transfer.  So for a week they are sending me to Tomsk to be with a sister there and then I will return and have a memeber be with me here in Barnaul for a week.  Fun times.  It is kind of a pain, but that's the deal.  So I will be leaving today and will be on a 9 1/2 hour bus ride (gross).

But the good news is that we finally saw Tatiana this past week!!  :)  Oh my goodness I just love her.  We decided to just stop by because we figured that it would be easiest and she ended up being home and having a few minutes to visit!  We were so happy!!  And she was happy to see us!  So when I get back we will for sure be meeting with her more often because she is almost done with the remont (construction) she's been doing on her house.  Going and seeing Tatiana was really healthy for me because it reminded me of how much I really do love Barnaul.  It was hard for me to come back here after my visa trip, but when I got the call that I would go to Tomsk, my heart sank because I did not want to leave!  Then I found out that it would only be a week.  But the people here are amazing.  They are so strong and such great examples to me.  The church is true!  If it were not true, I think that that these people who are pioneers in this country would quit and not stay as dedicated as they are in the gospel.  Heavenly Father does watch out for all of His children!  He knows and loves each and every single one of us.  He gives us tender mercies and performs miracles in our lives every day.  I know that He lives.

Also, something cool was that we went and helped Marina again on her dacha.  (Garden get-away place.  i.e.- Satan's tool for consuming time and energy on Sundays instead of coming to church)  It was way cool.  I love the dachas.  It makes me want to have a garden someday.  :)  Marina was a bit late, so we decided to walk around the little dacha community area and take pictures.  I got some really cool ones, but I can't plug my camera in here.  So next week I'll send them.  But yeah it was way cool.  So we pulled weeds again for a couple hours.  It was actually pretty fun- the neighbors had their radio going and it was like some retro station.  They played some old school Russian songs and American songs.  They played some Cher song, too.  Hah.  But anyway- it was cool spending time with Marina and helping her out a bit.

So the members here have been waiting for a new building for some time, and on Sunday we got to have an excursion of it!  They finally got the keys and everything, and now they need to do some remonting ( I don't know if this is an english word... but it means like construction).  They were SO excited to be able to walk through it and see some physical evidence that this building really is theirs.
Next Sat or Sun will be a broadcast of the dedication of the temple in Kiev!!  So that will be way sweet.  We get to watch it here and everyone's pretty excited for it.  I think it's kinda inspired the members here to work harder so there can be a temple someday in Russia.

I was way happy to get a letter from Dayton and Ash!!  Thanks so much!   I love you!!!  Oh p.s.- Dayton, I found out what profession you need to look into.  I had this dream that last week that I went to the dentist to get a tooth pulled, and you were there assisting!  And it was in Russia, haha.  So the doctor allowed you to do it!!  Hah- I can't tell you how it turned out, but I think it was a sign that you need to go into dentistry!  :)  And hey... ты собираешься что бы ехать сюда?  

Hey, can anyone tell me when Kimberlee's B-Day is?  Thanks! :)

Well I love you all very much and I hope all is well with you!!  Stay happy and healthy and always remember to pray!!!

Sister Reed :)


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