Sunday, September 12, 2010

Hello peoples!

Hello all of my loved ones!!

So life is pretty good.  Nothing much new to say.... but the work is going and we're working hard and all that good stuff!
I wanted to share an experience:

There is this babyshka (grandma) here named Tatiana.  (yes there's lots of Tatianas :) )  She is 70-something years old and is 99% deaf.  In order to talk to her, you have to literally shout in her right ear.  She is so cool.  Sadly, she is so lonely!  We make sure to visit her once a week.  We were over there the other week, and she was telling some story like usual... but this time she was more serious.  I was sitting closely to her and looking into her eyes as she talked and I could just see the wisdom there.  This woman has lived a long life and experienced, worked, and seen much.  Tears came to my eyes as I thought of, you know who?  Grandma Annie.  All of a sudden I really missed her.  I don't know why... but she popped into my head.  Leaving that meeting, I really had the impression that we need to do our family history and temple work.  Lately, it has been strong feelings to me that there are tons of people waiting and we need to do their work while we have the chance on the earth.  And I got a peaceful feeling as we were leaving that meeting, thinking about it.  Like a confirmation that it is true.
I just wanted to share that with you.... it's pretty special to me.

Mom- I thought for sure that my mission call paper was in that envelope with all the other papers.  I have no idea where else it would be.. eek!!!!  Thanks for taking care of all of that!  I guess if you don't find it in there, feel free to search my stuff... I hope it doesn't become too big of a problem!  Thanks for all of your sweet words!!!  I love you and adore you so much-- you are really the best Mom ever and the best example to me.  If you want to give me credit for anything, look at who raised me!  :)  I love you!!!!!

Dad- Keep being awesome!!  Keep doing good w/ family history and your missionary efforts! You are so great!  English is going well, there aren't very many people there lately which kinda stinks, but the people that are there are cool!  It's still way fun to teach, I love it. :)  Well I love you and you are awesome!!!!!!  Thanks for everything!!  :)

Keep staying happy and smiling!!  You are all so wonderful!!

Sister Reed :)

                                       1) Cool :)

                                 2) baba Tatiana


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