Sunday, October 10, 2010

It's another day for you and me in paradise

Hello hello!  Thanks for the e-mails!!  It is always super good to hear from you!  :)  That stinks about the cars... man don't you love those little setbacks in life?  Hope everything will be back to normal soon.  In the meantime, sorry you have to drive around a Subaru.  Oh the shame...  :)

Well this week was pretty good.  As all weeks are.  Last week we actually went bike riding again and that was fun until my companion wiped out on her bike (haha... WIPEOUT!)  and hurt her arm.  We went to the doctor and they sent us to a free hospital... the worst medical facility I have seen in my life.  I felt like I was back in WWI.  The type of hospitals you see in movies.  But we went there and they told her she bruised her arm, and she needed to make a sling by herself.  Great service.  I was in shock.

Besides that, we've just been working and trying to do our best!

Mom: You haven't yet answered my questions... what did you find out? :)
Things with my comp are okay.  I miss the temple and I want to go back.  I agree with you that you should go.  There is such a power and strength there that cannot be found anywhere else.
I hope that things get better with you soon.  I hope you feel so much better physically and spiritually.  You are amazing, and I hope you always remember that!  I am praying for you all that everything will always be good with you.  Keep being good!  :)

Dad: I hope you all have fun at the fair!  That would be super cool!
Yeah things are way hard but I'm trying to stay upbeat.  It's for sure, that the harvest is a small amount right now.  I do feel like I'm working harder than I receive in return.  I do hope and pray that my efforts are making a difference.  When it's hard and I feel like thigs are standing still, I start to get homesick.  I pray for strength and help all the time.  Thanks for your prayers and help- it means a lot and I know that God hears them.  :)  I'm sorry for the depressing letter!  Know that I'm not moping around Russia, but I'm still trying to do my best and work my hardest even though it's difficult.  Don't worry about me.  :)  I love you and thank you for all you do!!  :)
Shon:  Thanks for the letter!  It's way good to hear from you always!  I love you!  Good luck with everything! :)

Much love,
Sister Reed :)

p.s.- I got the letter from G-ma.  Thanks!!!  :)

                                 1) Me, Lilia, Olya, Larisa

                            2) 2 youngest Klivakin kids.

                                 3) Bike riding trail

                           4) With Lilia and Olya  


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