Sunday, October 10, 2010


Hello everyone!  So... thanks for the e-mails!

Congrats to Dave and Melissa... I saw their pictures and that is so exciting!!  I hope that Melissa is doing well as well as the babies!  they will be super great parents!!

Dad and Mom, I'm sorry to hear about all the setbacks this week.  I hope things get better soon.  I know that this is a time we can show Heavenly Father how truly patient we are, and how dedicated we are to Him in accepting His will.
And yes, I found a pair of boots.  THANKS sooo much that I could buy them.  We actually went shopping with Lilia, and the fact that she knew a girl working there, she got us a discount!  So they should have been about $100.  I hope it's not too much.... !

This past week we did a lot of contacting.  We actually got 3 telephone numbers!  We were suppossed to meet with one of those contacts, Nadejda, on Monday but we waited and she didn't come.  We called her and she couldn't make it.  So we set up a meeting for tomorrow with her.  She asked us to call her in the morning to make sure she didn't forget, so that's a good sign, I guess.  Haha.  We have hopes for her!  She was way excited about the Book of Mormon when we told her about it, so we'll see what happens!

It hasn't gotten too cold yet, which is awesome.  I decided that September is my favorite month so far in Siberia.  Oh my goodness it is so beautiful with the trees changing color and everything.  That's awesome that it's still nice there, and you're enjoying some good weather!

Mom, I hope you are feeling better!!  Sounds like you're getting better slowly yet surely... which is good.  I pray that you will feel better ever faster.  We haven't watched the woman's conference yet, and it seems to me like we didn't last year... I don't remember to be honest.  It's kinda just like that here in Siberia... haha.  We're still waiting for the Liahona for August and September, lol.  But I'm so excited for conference coming up!  That'll be sweet!  How is Joslyn?  Is she doing okay?  Hope so! I love you so much and I thank you for your support!  You're amazing!  Keep up the optimism!  It's so great! :)

Dad, thanks for the updates on everything!  And thanks for the Alf picture!  Haha!  So funny.  Here are some pics of the autumn weather and just your goofy daughter.  :)  I hope you get some more good motorcycle riding in while you have the chance!  I hope you figure out everything- man, so much going on.  I really hope you get your truck back tomorrow like they promised!  I pray for you!!  That everything will be okay!  I love you very much!!

Have a great week!  Always remember to pray and read your scriptures!  They truly give a strength and peace that you can find from no other source!

Sister Reed :)


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