Sunday, October 10, 2010


Hello my dear family!

Thanks for the letters!  :)

I really appreciate all your love and support.  I had a dream the other night that I finished my mission and went home.  And all I wanted to do was come back to Russia.  Yes, the mission is very hard... and sometimes I get homesick and just want to quit... but this really is the best time of my life and the best thing I could be doing right now.  I just love it.  :)  And seriously the miracles that God performs are amazing.  And they are real!!

It's starting to get colder, and I'm preparing for winter!  Haha!  Here it comes: ready or not!  :)

Mom:  Thank you for your letter.  No, I never get tired of hearing those things, they help me every single time. I love you!!  You are wonderful!!!

Dad:  Thanks for all you do!  You are so great and I love you!!!

Have a wonderful wonderful week!!  You are the best ever!!  And I pray for you all the time!

Sister Reed


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