Sunday, October 24, 2010

I saw Star Wars on TV last week...!

So don't judge me. :) There was nothing I could do... it just happened to be on at a member's house very quietly while their son watched it...... I'll just have you know that Jabba has the same voice in Russian and English. hahahaha.

So thanks for the letters! And the pics! Mom, I like your haircut!! It's pretty sweet!! You look way good, too! Thin and beautiful! :)

Well sadly there's not much to tell since last time. It's been a pretty good half-week. :)

On Sunday we were able to have a pretty powerful meeting with one of our investigators, Olga. She has been an investigator already for a couple years and has met with several sister missionaries. Her younger sister is on a mission right now. During the training last week I really thought about her a lot. About how we can help her progress. I was really excited to teach her using the training we received. She had not kept her commitment last week about praying. She still has a hard time accepting that God has a body of flesh and bones and that He is actually a person. It's hard for her to pray to someone/something like that. We had a good heart to heart, read out of Alma and Ether about faith. There is written in Alma about even if your faith is not quite a "seed" yet, but if it starts even with a desire to know, then it's somewhere to start. After we TEST our faith and ACT (move forward in the dark a bit), then we will see results and answers. She definitely has a desire to know, so like it says in the scriptures, that's a start. so we decided that we could make goals together to help her know that this is all true. We had her make the first goal. She promised to pray to know if God is a person and exists. It will be hard for her, but God knows her heart and desires and will bless her accordingly, with an answer that she needs.

Anyhoo, that's a story for the week. I wrote President and explained that you will be writing him. So go for it. His email is

I am so excited for the next transfer! I hope you know that I am working my hardest, testing my faith more than ever in my life. It is tough being on a mission sometimes, but the BEST! And I would never take back this time that I have had here. I could not even imagine myself a year ago in the MTC... thinking that I would be here, speaking Russian (kinda), approaching and talking to people in Russian on the streets and in transports, helping people come unto our Savior, and making best friends. It is true----- you love those you serve. So if anyone has a problem with any other person in their life- serve them!!! I love being here and doing my best to forget about myself, and focusing on the welfare of other people. I'm not a genius, but I have grown to know the scriptures a lot more, and I've grown to know just more about life through this experience. Good thing I still have time because I have yet a long ways to go!!

I am also excited to talk at Christmas! Should be AWESOME!!

Toots- I am so glad that you are getting better! Keep it up!! Thanks for sharing funny stories- I love them :) Thank you so much for being my Mom. I am so grateful to have you. :) Keep being the person that you are. God gave you your talents and abilities for reasons- use them often! :) I love you soooooo much!!!

Dadiskis- Thanks for your love and understanding! I am glad to hear that all has been good with you guys! I hope it stays that way! (we are just eating rolls filled with this sugary stuff in the pic from last time :) ) I am reading Jesus the Christ and it's pretty interesting! You've read it, right? Thank you for all that you do and your wonderful example to me!! I love you very much!

Dayton- Thanks for the e-mail!! You are hi-larious. Can't wait to hear your music!! Are you going to introduce me to cool, new music when I get back? (which will actually be old to you by that time?) Your classes sound sweet! Good luck with that! You're gonna speak better than me by the time I get back!! Love you! And Ash and Clay! :)

Have a great week everyone!! You are all in my prayers!!

c любовью,

Сестра Рид :)

p.s.- there is only pooey Peanut butter in Russia!


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