Sunday, October 24, 2010

Привет всем!!!

Hey everyone! How are you all? Is it cold where you're at? I'm pretty cold... but this is nothing still. Bahahaha. I'm trying to prepare for the winter, but I don't think I'll ever be really ready... There's news that it'll start snowing in the next week... we'll find out...

So this week was way cool. We've just been working hard and having fun. :)

We had a cool meeting with a recent convert, Ira, where we talked about pioneers. I haven't had too big of a "testimony" I guess you could say, about pioneers, but when we were talking about it with Ira, I really felt overwhelmed with what they did and their sacrifice. And we reminded her about how she is a pioneer here too in Russia. It will require a lot of courage and strength like what they had to start up and strengthen the church here. She is so awesome- I know that she'll stay strong her whole life. I think it would be good for all of us to study up what the pioneers did for all of us so we can remember. When we remember what they went through, it makes us more willing to do our part. :)

Also, we got to meet with Lilia this week!! She's so cool- we are planning to meet with her today, too.

We met with Olya again, too! We tried to tell her about the Book of Mormon, and she had tons of good questions. We will be meeting again for sure. :)

We haven't met with Olya for a bit, so I'm not sure if she has prayed yet. I called her in between meetings and she had not yet. I hope she does by the next one!!!

I tried sending those movies, but they're too big :( Bummer.

Well, I love you all and I hope you have a super great week! If you haven't yet this year, go feed the garbage-eating goat! Love you! Thanks for the letters and support!

с любовью,

Сестра Рид :)

                                1) BIG pumpkin!! :)

                                        2) Me and Lilia :)


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