Sunday, November 7, 2010

Hallo Amereeka!!

Hi!  Wow you people are hilarious.  Thanks so much for the letters!  :)  It made my day!

Go there and you can see me.  It's a site that a member did for our branch.  Pretty sweet!  We already got a phone call from it!

Well this week has been super great.  I love being a missionary!!  We met with Lilia...  She is so cool!!

We also had a meeting with Olga, the "non-progressing" investigator.  It was... kinda awkward.  The first time I ever cried on a meeting.  And not because I felt the Spirit or anything.  We decided to have a good "heart to heart" with her.  Find out what she wants to do to really progress and come unto the waters of baptism so she can recieve eternal life.  She said that she is still not ready- she prayed to know the truth (which was AWESOME to find out), but hadn't received an answer yet.  We encouraged her to keep trying.  We explained what her responsibilities are as far as really changing her life for the better.  She explained that she might sometime in the future get baptized, but she really doesn't have a desire to do that.  We were at the point in the conversation that I was just really getting upset and discouraged and hurt because I had been meeting with this woman for almost 7 months... I had really come to love her and her 2 little girls.  And I want so much to help her change and really make these steps in her life for the better.  I began to cry and explain my love for her- and how we really want to help her.  I was embarrassed, but I think she felt the sincereness of it because at the next lesson, she had been reading the Book of Mormon and praying.  We together made the next goal for her, and she willingly accepted it and promised to do it.  I don't know how long it will be until she finally decides to get baptized, but she is very slowly moving in the right direction, and some lucky sisters will be able to help her enter the saving waters of baptism.  I pray for it.

I am about to go on another visa trip on Monday ( my last one!!!), and me and Sis Fronk are pretty excited for it.  SO next time I should have some cool pics.

We finally watched Conference on Sat and Sun and it was way good!  Lilia came too, which was sweet!  I really enjoyed Pres Uchtdorf's talk (he's so funny.... "you're probably thinking, 'Wow, that's a cool story, Pres Uchtdorf... but what does it have to do with airplanes?'.... Well... let me tell you...."  hahaha.  So cool.  I think that I will be home by the time I can read it again in English... haha.

Still no snow... but perhaps it will be coming soon.  I busted out my big ol coat today.... ugh.

Mom- Thanks for your funny stories... I laughed out loud here... hahaha!  You are so funny!  :)  I love you so much and so glad that you are my Mom!!!  :)

Dayton- I am excited to practice too when I get back!!!  Man, I just know how much my Russian is going to stink if I don't practice it.... You gotta help me, ok?  Thanks.  :)  I'm cool with a v6 firebird... will you get that set up also for me in this new life-after-mish you've got going?  :)  Thanks.  :)  Love yuuur guts!!!  Keep being cool, k?  You're the best!!!  :)

I love you all!!!!  Keep studying the scriptures and praying EVERY DAY!!!  :)

Sister Reed :)


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