Sunday, November 21, 2010

Хелло Америка!! :)


Well thanks to those of you who wrote me!  You're the best!  Getting letters really makes my day!  :)

This week has been super rainy.  So the streets are FILTHY and there's muddy-nasty puddles everywhere.  I kinda just wish that it would SNOW already to cover up it all!  We'll see when that happens.  I remember last year this time it was FREEZING outside and there was snow everywhere!  I guess that means that it'll be a warm winter!  :)  Hope so!

This week we had a cool meeting with our investigator, Natalia.  Her daughter is actually a member.  We talked with her about prayer.  I love talking about prayer because it's one of my favorite things.  :)  She all growing up never really had much of a belief on God or prayer.  But she really has a desire to know if all of this that we are teaching her is true.  I really felt the spirit as we taught her about prayer and used the scriptures and our testimonies.  She promised that she and Djenna (her daughter) would pray together every night.  I just know that Heavenly Father would be so willing to answer her prayer if she would just turn to Him.  We pray that she will.

On Friday we find out transfers already!  And then when Pres calls, he should tell us when our actual release date is.  So we'll find out in a few days hopefully.  

Mom-  I like those ideas. :)  I would LOVE to go to the San Diego temple and the Salt Lake temple.... Hmmm.... That's a hard choice!!!  That would be fun too to go to the beach or something in Cali.  :)  What do you think?  Would it be warm there in the winter?  Maybe we can even stop by the Oregon Coast or something.... Hmm....
Sad about Joslyn.  :(  What are you feeding the girl, anyway to get all those cavities?!?  ;)  Hope not too many more come soon!  What have you been doing lately to keep yourself busy?  How are you feeling?  I hope all is super good and you're feeling a lot better!  What's Thanksgiving going to be like this year?  Do Shon and Kimberlee go over to visit often?
I love you!!!  I hope you have a great week!  Thanks for the prayers!  They help so much!!!  :)

Dad- I don't know if we will do a Thanksgiving party.  :)  But I sure do miss cranberry sauce!  AND G-ma's sweet potatoes!!!  MMMMMMM!!!!  Do enjoy that for me, k?  :)
Look at you taking the bus to work... now you know how I feel everyday.  I might even miss it a little bit when I get home.  :)  I hope you have a wonderful week and keep up being awesome!!!  I love you!!

Have a great week everyone!

с любовью,
Сестра Рид  :)

p.s.- If Blayre Maynes reads this: You crack me up... thanks for the song. hahahaha!  *elbows up, side to side!*


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