Sunday, November 7, 2010

Another day for a daydream...

Hello everyone!

Well, I just got back from another trip to Finland... I will be happy if I never get on a plane for the rest of my life!  Haha.  The traveling just takes a big toll on ya.  unfortunently we weren't able to go to the temple because we went on Monday and it was closed.  But we were able to go into Moscow again on the way back and roam around some more so that was pretty cool.   Weird that we won't be going back again....

It's weird that my mission is already coming to a winddown.... it's already depressing, and my mission hasn't even ended!  Haha.  But that means that I just have 3 months to work as hard as I can!

We are still meeting with Lilia. she came to church so that was awesome!  
We have these investigators, Elivira and Natalia who are "eternal' investigators.  We have really been trying to help these people progress.  Elvira expressed her desire to be baptized!  We talked a lot about temples and work for the dead, and she said that she wants to be with her family forever.  Her parents and grandparents are already dead.  I think that that is the key to her desire to be baptized.  So we are working hard with her to reteach her everything.  She doesn't really understand/remember too much of what the sisters have taugt her.  So that's been cool.  And Natalia, we see, is finally starting to come around and have a desire to change.  It's great to see the changes.

Me and Sister Fronk had a scary experience.  Haha- okay, not so scary. But we got stuck in our elevator for about 30 minutes, until the grandmas who work there let us out.  haha- it was crazy.

Mom- You're awesome, thanks for the letter!
Dad- Thanks for everything!  You are great!

I love you all so much!

Sister Reed :)


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