Sunday, December 12, 2010

A very merry merry merry Christmas to you!

(Parents Note:  This email is here out of order, it came before the one below it.  Sorry!)

Привет, всем!!!

Thanks for the e-mails!  Glad to hear from those that sent em!  :)

Well I am now here in this HUGE city-- Novosibirsk.  I really miss Barnaul.  I don't know anyone or where to go, but hopefully I'll get used to it soon.  There are tons of youth here and that's cool!  In fact, last Sunday was the primary program!  It was so cute!  They sang lots of songs that I know- but in Russian!  So cool :)  They have the cutest little kids here.

We have some cool investigators here.  It's pretty exciting.  I'm excited to get to know them.  We have a goal as missionaries here to have 4 more baptisms by the end of the year.  There's an 8 year old girl who will be baptized on Christmas, and we hope that one of our other investogators, Katya, will get a baptizimal date soon.  :)

Besides that, I'm not sure what to tell about.  We're trying to work hard and do what we can here.  My comp is not a greenie, but I am her 2nd companion, so she's still pretty new and trying to master planning and stuff.  I'm trying to help,  but it's stinkin hard b/c I don't know anyone, and they actually have several areas here- meaning- people live far away from eachother and we have to plan in what area of town to be in for the day.  WAY different than what I'm used to- this small-town girl!  So it's definitely a new experience!

Our Thanksgiving in Barney turned out good!  We actually ate a goose!  Haha!  And we watched both Narnias.  :) Good times.  Then that evening I left for Novo.  Lilia came to the bus station to say good-bye.  Sad.

Dad- I didn't actually eat the fishy sandwiches.  I refuse to eat fish, haha!  I'm a wuss. Ideas for gifts could be anything like: a russian hat, warm gloves, socks, clothes, tie, uhhhh..... any kind of Russian cooley sounvenier thing.. haha.  Basically, if you want anything at all, let me know, and I'll think of what would be cool for ya.  :)  Hope you're not freezing your pants off!  Good luck with all that snow!  I understand- it hasn't stopped snowing since I got here!  Crazy!  I love you!  Keep being amazing!

Mom- WIPE-OUT!  Haha---
Good job with trying to be closer to Heavenly Father!!  When you turn to Him, He turns to you and shows you His love abundantly.  I know this for a fact that when we pray to Him, He really does hear us and answer us.  When we put Him first in our lives before all other things, He makes it so that everything else in our lives works out for our good.  He blesses us so much.  You are awesome!  I love you!!!  :)

Krystine- Good luck with your travels and new adventures!!!  That is so cool!!!  I'll be sad to not see you in Spokane, but I hope that we can visit each other soon after I get back and catch up!!!  Keep me updated on everything!  You are AMAZING!!  Love you!!

I hope you all have a most wonderful week!  Keep smiling!!  I love you all!!

с любовью,
Сестра Рид :)


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