Sunday, April 18, 2010

And I think to myself... what a beautiful world!

Hello!  :)  Thanks for the e-mails!

SO glad to hear that my package came, Dad!  That is so cool!  I'm glad it got there safe and sound.  Still waiting on mine.. but in 2 weeks we will get mail again and I hope it comes!  In a couple weeks will be transfers and I will be headed off to Finland again.  Crazy that 3 months came and left already.  Where does the time go?  I hate thinking about how little time I have left here, but sometimes it occupies my thoughts and I have to tell myself to stop and just get to work while I have the time!  But time really is rushing by.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY CLAY in a few days!!!  Ahh!  I can't believe he'll be ONE!  That's nuts!  :)

So this week was great.  We had Zone Conference on Friday, General Conference on Sat and Sun, P-Day today....  life is pretty good.  Zone Conference was super good this transfer- President really said some good things that got me thinking a lot.  You remember the story about Gordon B Hinckley and how his dad sent him that letter on his mission saying, "Forget yourself and go to work."  I've heard it a ton too.  But for some reason when President Trejo told that story again and testified about how that's a true statement, the spirit spoke to me and told me, YES: It's true.  I have caught myself being very selfish, or distracted, or just whatever.. and not focusing on the work.  I was not forgetting myself.  But I know that forgetting myself and getting to work is really the best way to be happy while I'm here and to have success.  So that was cool.
And Conference- it seemed like everyone talked about families!  That was for sure the theme this year!  But it's a good one!  I hope lots of people listened!  Satan is working so hard right now to break up the family- the most important unit we have.
And everyone gave great advice on how to strenghten their families and be closer to their loved ones.  It was just so good to hear.  I agree with everything that was said.  So it was really good!

Things with Anna are pretty good- she has a desire to be baptized, so we are helping her out with that!  Of course when she said she would like to be baptized, she all of a sudden got very busy with school and everything, so we haven't met with her since.  That always scares me.  But I am praying that all will work out and that she has a sincere desire.  She's just so shy; we're scared that she's not just agreeing to this because she's too scared to say "no."

We haven't met with Hadya.  She keeps being flaky.  So we're pretty much down to one investigator now (Anna).  It's just been hard these past couple of transfers.  I have the feeling that I might leave Irkutsk this next transfer, and I want to leave this city better than when I found it.  But I don't know if I'm quite there yet.

The elders did have a baptism last Saturday of an older couple- Vladimir and Tamara.  So that was cool!  It was probably the most crazy/dramatic baptism I've ever witnessed, but at least it was done!  You just never know what to expect.  :)

OH- I have a confession.....
We went shopping last P-Day with Sis Southam to find a new coat, and she took us in some stores to look around.  .....
I found some shirts that were just soooooooo cute, and I had to buy them.  I have been SO sick of my clothes, and I really needed something new.  So I used my missionary money to buy them and will have to pay that back with my personal.  I hope that's okay- I haven't taken out my emergency $ yet because banks here don't give American $.  So I will have to do it when I'm in the airport maybe in Helsinki.  So when I pay back my missionary money I will need more for my emergency again.  Sorry!!  I hope that's okay!!  Please count it as Christmas present or something, ok?  The shirts were about $55-$60 total.
But I promise you that they were worth it!.......... :)

Mom- Thanks so much for sharing that story in primary!!  That's so cool!  I'm going to print it out if that's okay!  What a neat experience for you, and yes you will have to treasure it!  How are you enjoying sunbeams by the way?  I love you!!  Thanks so much for your love!  I'm excited to talk in a little bit!!!  :) :)

Dad- Thank you for sharing that chapter with me!  I know, I do that all the time- just read and go, "okay, cool.  What next to read?"  And not spend too much time pondering.  And I actually read that chapter not too long ago. (we're reading the D&C as a mission.)  So I will have to go back and read it again.  Thank you!  And I'm glad you liked the tie.  :)  Too bad it got there so late- sorry!  Yes, those are our easter eggs we decorated.  Russians really know how to do Easter here.  The phrase you translated is correct: Jesus was ressurected.  And then the person responds: во истинну воскрес (Truly resurrected).  I love you!!  Thanks for everything!!!

Oh and I just read some cool scriptures from the first lesson about God as our Heavenly Father that I would like to share: Acts 17:27-29.  And 1 John 4: 7-9.  It talks about what His characteristics are as our Heavenly Father.  Enjoy!

Well I love you all!  Have a great week and stay happy!!  You're all the best!!

С любовю,
Сестра Рид  :)


Jolee said...

So, I still need to write her... but I totally feel her on the clothes!! After a while, thrift store shopping became one of our favorite P-day activities. :) I also testify that the clothes will be "totally worth it!" Haha! :)

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