Sunday, April 11, 2010

Sweet is the Work

Hello hello!  How are you all??  Thanks for the letters and e-mails!  I got a letter from Lindsay this week!!  Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!  You're the best!

Well this week was good, like usual.  Hard, but good.  It gets tiring when people don't show up to appointments or bail out.  But we're still trying! We haven't been able to meet with Hadya this week........... hopefully on Friday.  We met with Helen, and watched the restoration with her.  She has a hard time believing in the restoration as an actual event, and doesn't have much of a desire to really know for sure if it's true.  So we're working on that.

So nothing too exciting to say this week-  I'm just grateful for the tender mercy to have those Mongolian girls.  They are all so strong, and truly growing.  They have a desire to grow and learn.  I just know that they will
be a very strong asset to the church one day and help this area as well as Mongolia grow.  It's always great to meet with them.  We did meet a woman on the street this past week, and we have a meeting with her today so we'll see how that goes.  We're trying to stay faithful in the hard times.

Thanks so much for your love and support.  No, I haven't gotten any packages yet.  But I'm waiting!  hopefully soon!

Sounds like your talk went well, dad!  Good job!  I bet it was great!  :) yes, I've heard of Jon Schmidt- I actually went to his concert in Rexburg! Isn't he awesome?!?  That's way cool that you got to go together!!  :)  How fun!

So with conference coming, I've heard it's really cool if you do a fast kinda thing.  In the MTC I can testify that it's true.  Of course, in the MTC the spirit is poured on you in immense amounts and you feel it anyway.
But to fast, it's like to go without media for a couple days or a week before conference starts.  Meaning, TV, non-churchy music, movies, and anything else distracting.  I can testify that the spirit will be more
abundantly with you, and you will be so in tune to learn from the spirit through the speakers at conference.  Anyway, a little challenge for you if you are interested.  :)

Well I hope you all have a wonderful week!!  Thanks so much for your prayers!  I appreciate them so much!  Sorry this letter is kinda lame.  But I love you all and talk to you next week!

С Любовю,
Сестра Рид  :)

1) Жаргалтогтох's Birthday.  We walked around Irkutsk and the Angara River.
(last p-day)

                             2) All of us

                            3) It's true

                          4) Another lovely spring day

                         5) A view of Irkutsk

                         6) Another one

                          7) Me and Жаргалтогтох :)


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