Sunday, April 11, 2010

Lead Kindly Light

Hello hello!  Thanks for the e-mails!  I do love them!  :)

We get to watch Conference this weekend and I am SO excited!  :)  I'll keep an eye out for the talks you told me about.  Did you see Elder Schweitzer on Sunday?  He was the one who came to our mission and I got to have an interview with.

Easter sounds like it was fun!  I did miss it at home, but thankfully we had a good easter time here.  Easter is a very big holiday in Russia.  When you greet someone on Easter you say, "Иисус воскрес." (Jesus is resurrected) and the person says back every time, " vo istiny voskres."(Truly resurrected)  So on the p-day before easter we decorated easter eggs and it was really fun!  And on Easter day we ate a delicious dinner at the Southams.

Yeah, I don't know what the deal is about the packages.  It makes me sad.  :(  But I will be getting mail in a few days so I will cross my fingers!  I'm not sure how to track them either.   :(  I actually sent off a package last month to you, have you gotten it yet?

So this week we have a new investigator!  Her name is Anna.  She is 15 years old and her sister is actually a member of the church.  She's inactive, but we've been meeting with her more because she lives next door to the Southams.  She's been living in Germany the past year studying there and is in town for a bit.  We've taught Anna about the restoration and she really enjoyed it.  She's kinda shy but in time she will open up. She's really cute- we enjoy meeting with her.  We hope to have her sister on the lessons too- she's so busy right now.  But that would be great.

The lesson with the woman we met on the street was really weird.  There was an odd vibe to it and we had the hardest time feeling the Spirit.  We had a meeting set up with her yesterday but she didn't show up- surprise!  So we'll see if we ever meet with her again...

But anyway, that's the life of a missionary sometimes!  I've been trying to embrace all kinds of days- hard/bad and good.  Yesterday I was sitting at English and thinking how happy I am to be here.  Every english club during gospel english, we sing a hymn in english and Russian (only one verse).  Lately though it's just been the elders because they all sing beautifully and they like doing quartets.  So I was sitting there listening to them singing and feeling the joy of the spirit and love for this gospel.  I hope other people felt it as I did.  It's been a while since I've really noticed that I've felt the spirit, and the spark of missionary work, so I was very grateful for that tender mercy and that moment from the Lord.

Mom- Thank you so much for your words of love!!  I LOVE YOU!!  Being here, and living with someone and being with them ALL THE TIME can get hard and I just want to be alone sometimes!.  But then I still really rely on those words of love and comfort and I thank you so much for them!!  I don't know where I would get them if not from you and my loved ones there!  Thank you!!  I love you very much, and I too am excited to strenghten our relationship.  :)  We'll be able to talk soon so that'll be COOL!!!  :)  I really appreciate you a lot.  I hope you know that!!

Dad- Good luck with your conference listening!!  That is the coolest thing- to listen to conference on your way to and from work!  You're awesome!  That was nice of you to help out during conference, too.  :)  I miss going to the stake center and watching conference with you.  I am excited to talk to you soon, tho!  Thank you so much for your encouragement!!  I love you!!!

Dayton- Thanks for the e-mail homes!!!!!!  Yes, I can relate- I'm starting to get cynical about setting up appts.  It's becoming a game now- trying to trick people into meeting with us- why aren't they just eager to do it???  Bah. haha.
Man, good luck with the hair-pulling problem.  Would you mind sending me some pics please of your little family???  THANKS!!!
GOOD LUCK with Russian!!  You'll do great!!  I can totally understand how it is going back after a year.  That's what I did too!  Not too fun.  But you're sharp- you'll get it good!  You are welcome to write me letters in Russian for practice if you would like.  :)  Ashley's funny- she'll be knowing Russian better than me soon!!  :)  I love you!!!!!!
p.s.- Did you ever get anything from me?.... just wondering with all this Russian mail mystery going on.....

Grandma!!- Thank you so much for your e-mail!  I am working on writing a letter to you right now, actually!  I hope it gets to you fairly soon!  I'm glad that things are getting better for you.  I'm sorry you're still in pain- that is NOT fun at all!!  Know that I'm thinking about you and praying for you!  I love you!  Keep writing me- I love it!!

Well, I better go, but this is the e-mail I need to be using now, so if you could send me e-mails on this one that would be great!  I know, I know, I keep switching e-mails, I'm sorry.  We were all just supposed to set up a new account on here.

I love you all!!  Stay happy and healthy!  I hope it's getting warmer there still- It snowed today after wearing no coat yesterday.  Bah!  Talk to you later!  :)

Sister Reed :)


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