Sunday, April 25, 2010

There Is Sunshine in My Soul Today...

It is so warm out today!  We went around without coats!  It's a miracle!!!  :)

So Thanks for the e-mails and the Birthday greetings!  :)  I'm glad to hear that things are going well with you all at home and abroad.  Yay for cousins on missions!

So this week has been quite unusual.  But super great!  On monday our meeting fell through with a member (как всегда) and we decided to go contacting a bit.  We met these girls and talked to them about English club.  Turns out they speak English really well, so we started talking in English with them.  It was cool- we invited them to come to English and explained why we were here and moved into the gospel topic.  After we were done talking with them, (nothing really happened, we just invited them to English and hoped to see them.... they weren't too interested in the gospel.) this man comes up beside us and says "hello" in English.  He said he just heard our conversation in English and wanted to see what it was all about!  We talked to him for a bit and invited him to learn more about the church.  He said that he had been investigating quite a few churches to find the truth, so he was interested in what we had to say.  We set up an appt. with him and gave him a Book of Mormon to read in the meantime.  His name is Kostya.  We've actually had 3 meetings with him since then and it has been SO good!  Pres Southam comes with us on the meetings and Kostya loves it because he just feeds him knowledge from the scriptures (some of it I didn't even know about) (he's a scripture WHIZ hardcore).  So It has been such a blessing to meet with him and actually see someone progress and change through the gospel and meeting with us.  So that was one cool thing.  (p.s.- Kostya is an artist and likes to pencil-draw.  He sells his artwork on the street like a lot of people do.  He gave us each a picture for free!  :) )

Another- On Friday we set up a meeting with this woman; her daughter is a member and she lives in America.  She brought her friend along to the meeting.  I'm not sure why.  But her friend, Gelya, was very interested in what we had to say.  Tatiana (the other woman) wasn't so much.  But we had a very short time with them, so we shared the message of the Restoration with them in maybe 20 minutes.  At the end, Gelya told us that she was baptized in another church and wondered if she would have to be baptized again into our church.  We told her yes and explained why.  She asked us what she could do to be baptized.  We asked her if she believed in what we just told her, and she said yes.  She said that she had been searching and searching for the truth and she thought she found it.  Wow.  So we talked about it and set a date, planning on helping her prepare in the meantime!  Yesterday we reviewed what we talked about last time and watched the Restoration film with her.  She said again that she's been looking and looking for the truth and thinks she found it!  She said that she thinks God sent her here to us.  It is just so cool!  So since she missed church last week, we'll have to push her baptismal date back b/c she needs to be at church at least twice before she can be baptized.  So that means it'll be next transfer.... eek!  But we are just super excited about that!

Anna hasn't been able to meet as much because she's preparing for exams.  But we are praying for her and we will meet with her when her exams are over.  We hope she isn't slipping.

But anyway, life is pretty good!!  Last week on p-day we played Monopoly and I whipped everyone!  That's for sure never happened in my life.  haha.

Things are just looking up and it's for sure a tender mercy.  I hope we will always be worthy of the Spirit so we can help these people progress the way Heavenly Father would have them.  Who knows if I'll see the end result of these ones.  It's kinda scary.... But I'll find out in a few days my future for the next 6 weeks.

Mom- Thanks for the VT message!  I really like the part that said " Prayer is your personal key to heaven.  The lock is on your side of the veil."  That really makes me think about how I need to work to receive personal revelation, and I need to "open" my heart to the whisperings of the Spirit from the other side of the veil.  Cool stuff- thanks!  :) I'm glad you enjoy your calling, too and things are going well.  I hope things aren't too crazy for the wedding weekend.  Good luck with that!!  :)  I LOVE YOU!!!  :) :)  And yeah, see what you can do about Mother's Day..... ;)

Dad- Thanks for being understanding about the clothes.  Man, it is nice to have just 2 new shirts.  And Jolee and I are on the same wave length.  :)  Thanks for your input on what I said.  Isn't it interesting how you can hear something 10 times and one time it just HITS you?  It's interesting.  But I agree about your attitude when doing service.  What's the point of doing it if it's not for the right reason, right?  It's something for me to work on for sure sometimes.  Yes, the natural man is a sly one.  (Just like the sneaky pants.  ...... Is that what they were called? :) )   About my picture... I will do my best to get that done, ok?  Hopefully by next week.  And I'll let you know which scrip is my fav.  That's a hard choice!  :)

Krystine- I love you and expect a letter in Vegas.... haha!  I hope it doesn't end up under the microwave!  You're awesome!!!  :)

Well I love you all and I hope you have the best week ever!!  You're the BEST!!  Talk to you soon!

Sister Reed :)

1) We sniffed out a delightful bread factory.  And we were hungry.... :)  But cheap, warm, fresh bread you can't resist!
                          2) Me and Nadya- a girl from the ward :)

3) A huge junk pile we found.  This was behind a window on a random street.


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