Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Time may change me... but I can't change time.

HEY!  Thanks for the e-mails!

So I have some depressing news..........
I am leaving Irkutsk..... *whine*

I will be leaving tonight at approximately 5:50 pm across the Siberian Railway about 3 days away to a city called Barnaul.  I should arrive Friday morning-ish/afternoon-ish there.  I am super sad, yet I am ready for a change.  Of course I gave a talk on Sunday, and I felt like I was giving a going-away talk again.  Irkutsk has really become my home, and I love it here.  More importantly, I love the people here.  I don't know how I can just leave them.... and maybe never see them again.  It's way hard.  I just hope that Barnaul is as cool.  I think that no matter where I serve, Irkutsk will always be my favorite city.  The people there will always have a special place in my heart. :)

So next week I should have a very interesting e-mail for you.  I'll let you know how Barnaul is.  My new comp will be a Russian sister, so that will help my Russian.  She and I will be "whitewashing" or "shot gunning" the city (however you want to call it).  Neither of us have been there before, so it should be interesting!

Other news: My Birthday was great.  one of the funnest I've had!  After church, Elder Nelson and Elder Whitchurch made me a cake and they surprised me with it.  There were all the missionaries and some friends waiting in a room for me.  It was fun.  Then we went to Nastya and Yana's house with our investigator, Anna, and we flied kites!  It was so fun because none of them had ever done it before!  Sadly, the kites were too small to really control with the crazy wind that was going in every direction, so it didn't work out as well as planned.  But it was still way fun to just spend time with them.  Then Nastya made a delicious dinner for me!  She is so kind.  It was really a great day.  :)

So we found a cool investigator, her name is Diana.  It's actually a pretty funny story about how we found her, but I'll have to tell it later.  She's really cool and she's obsessed with Michael Jackon.  We haven't been able to meet lately because she's been busy, but I have high hopes for her for the future.  Kostya is making progress.  He was still hung up over resurrection, and having some doubts about the church.  But we had Pres Southam on our last meeting with him, and he helped his concern.  It was really cool because Kostya had never really prayed before in his life, but he has been lately.  And this last time right before he met with us, he said he received a prompting to come to church the next day and meet with us like we planned.  (he was planning on not showing up or something.)  He said that he's been praying about what we've been teaching him, and he said he's not sure if that was an answer or not.  But that was really cool to hear him tell us.
Gelya decided to go out of town all of a sudden last week.  So next week I'm sure they'll have a meeting with her.

Today for P-Day we went to Alevtina's house.  She is an amazing cook, and she showed us how to make pelmeni.  It was so cool!  We had a lot of fun, and the best part was EATING IT!  Mwahahahaha!......  (Pelmeni is like a ravioli, but without the tomatoey-ness.  It's like hamburger with onion inside bread.  It's way super popular and very tasty.  :) )

I am sad that everyone is sicky!  I hope you all feel better soon!!!!  I love you all and thank you so much for your letters and love and support!!  Talk to you all soon- yay!!!!!!!!!  (I'll let you know what number to call when the time comes. )

You're all the best!!!

С любовю,
Сестра Рид  :)

              1) bread I made!  HAHA- looks like it's bleeding.  It's m &m's

                2) We had a crazy snow storm the other day out of no where

                       3) Outside of the branch building

                            4) happy birthday!

                      5) sis g, diana, me, anya, nastya

                           6) me and Yana!

                                  7) kite!

                   8) all of us! anna, sis g, yana, me, nastya

                             9) one choice for the picture

              10) a closer-up view.  you can crop it however you like.  my shoes are pretty dirty in these pics

                          11) all of us at Alevtina's!

                     12) the elders hard at work

              13)  Alevtina showing me what to do.  She put that on my head to cover my hair.  :)

                             14) Hehehe.  Пелмены !

                             15) before it'a cooked

                    16) the finished product!  It was really good!!


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