Sunday, May 30, 2010

"Come Follow Me..."

Hello all!

It sounds like you all had a great week!  Let me tell you- it is SO HOT today!  Like, unpleasantly hot.  I know I shouldn't complain.  I complain when it's cold, and I complain when it's hot.  It would be nice if it was just a nice.... warm.  Haha.  This is some news: I have my first minor sunburn.  Yesterday we were outside most of the day and I got a lot of sun.  I only got burnt on my arms, thankfully.  I guess it's time to get some sunscreen....

We have just been busy, busy, busy.  I'm trying to still be myself and have fun, while working hard at the same time.  It seems like something that happens often to missionaries... they can get into a mode.  My companion is almost done with her mission, so she's pretty hard core.  Her name is sister Timofeeva.  We had fun yesterday having a picnic with these two girls, Ira (Eeera) and Ira.  One of the Iras is leaving for several months, so we had to have a last lesson with her before she left.  She just got baptized maybe 2 months ago, and is SO good!  I will so miss her for sure.

We also met with Svetlana a couple times this week. It was so lame because this last time we were over, they were all DRUNK.  We scolded her with love at the end of our "lesson."  She had a hard time paying attention.  And there was this other guy there who was asking tons of questions, interrupting our lesson.  Bah.  So we are trying to figure out what to do about her.  I understand how the Word of Wisdom can be so hard when you've lived a certain lifestyle your whole life, then you have to change it so abruptly.  It takes a lot of faith.  Especially in Russia.  EVERYONE drinks tea... and most drink alcohol.  It's a definite hardship.

I taught English Club yesterday... 3rd group.  They're the group that speak the best English.  So it's way fun- we get to have more conversations.  Sister Holmes (senior couple sister) used to teach that class and used to prepare really good lessons.  We'll see what I can do... haha.  The Holmes actually left for home this morning!  So they will see their families... today.  In America.  It's weird with the time change.  But it was bitter-sweet for them to go home.  On Saturday the ward set up this going-away party for the Holmeses.  It was like a concert, with different people performing different things.  It was pretty cool.  It's nice to see how the members really appreciate the missionaries- especially senior couples- and acknowledge all they do.

Dad- Thanks for sending the pictures!  It looks like they had a lot of fun in Oregon!
Yes, I hope to bring home some Rubles!  I hope you have a super great week!  Thanks for commenting on my pics... :)  Glad to know that you enjoy them.  If I'm not specific enough with my letters, let me know!  How is work, by the way?  What have you been up to there?  Anything new and exciting going on?  I love you!!

Mom- Awesome to hear that you had the chance to experience a crazy bachelorette party!!  Haha!  Probably a good thing that older ladies weren't invited, huh?  :)  How is your arm, by the way?  Let me know how you are!  I love you!!!

                   1) All of us with the Holmeses

           2) The MTC is every where in Russia.  (It's a phone company :) )

                                    3) Cool ladder

                       4) Herb TEA.  Princess Java... pretty tasty

               5) A member named Lena performing a dance.

                         6) Me with Ira and Ira

                              7) Sisterrr Reed

Have a great week and I am so so happy that you are my family!!  I love you all!!!

Sister Reed


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