Sunday, May 23, 2010

As I am...

Happy Wednesday!  (Tuesday for y'all :) )

Thanks for all the letters I received!!!  Jolee, Krystine (yeah you won! Good job!! :) ), fam... THANKS!!!  Keep me updated- I love it!  :)

I'm glad to hear that the wedding was super great of Kimberlee and Shon.  I wish I could have been there.  But I for sure thought of you all weekend, knowing what was happening!  I can't wait to see pictures!  :)  And sounds like all was fun with having everyone over.  Good times!

This 1/2 week was cool.  On Saturday we actually went on an "excursion" of Barnaul.  We looked at some of the sites and learned about its history.  Well, the people who understood Russian learned about its history, haha.  But it was really cool.  And the weather was DIVINE!  I'm thinking... 75/80 degrees farenheit.  Too bad today it's snowing... :( :(.

I wish I had exciting things to talk about as far as investigators.  Right now all we have is old investigators who aren't really progressing.  We are trying to work with one in particular, Svetlana, who has an old baptisimal date.  And we had to move it again because she's not ready to be baptized.  So we are doing our best to prepare lessons for her and teach her with power and the spirit!

We are striving for new people to teach!  So that's one of our main focuses right now.  But besides that, we have lots of awesome newly-converted people that we are working with.  I remember when we were talking on the phone, that you said how teaching new converts is just as important.  Before that, I thought that only teaching people to be baptized was really important.  But it is those new converts that will help build the kingdom here in Russia where the church is so new and fresh.  So I'm glad I got reminded of that.

Mom- Thanks so much for your love!!  It means so very much to me!  I hope all is well with you- are you feeling better after your shot thingy????  I hope so!!  Did you even have the shot... by the way?  :)  I hope that you can also come here in Feb.  That would be so cool too because the Kiev, Ukraine temple will be open and we can all go there too!  :)  I love you so much!!  :)

Dad- Thanks for the Benji picture..... hah.  I'm so glad it's the picture I got this week.  :)  No, I haven't been to the ammo place yet... hope some day!  :)  The people in Barnaul seem a bit more laid back than in Irkutsk. Not as pushy or in a rush.  It's nice.  We get to see a lot more kids out and about, too!  Little Russian kids are sooooo cute!!!  Thanks for everything, Dad!  For your prayers and support!  I love you!!!

Grandma- I was so happy to hear from you!  Thanks for the e-mail!!  I hope you are feeling better and you are up and about more these days!  I love you so much!  Everything's good with me, don't you worry!  :)

Well I love you all and I hope you have a fantastic week!!!!  Stay happy!!  :) :)

Sister Reed :)

                        1) The memorial for Yuri Gagarin

                              2) Some city-ness

                                  3) Cool building

                                     4) The district

                        5) it's hard to tell, but it's at the top of a hill

                        6) Barnaul has its own Hollywood-esk sign

                          7) More garden borders.  Old plastic bottles

                                      8) Rubles

                                 9) More rubles

10) remember that.... Sister Reed loves you!!


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