Sunday, May 16, 2010

This is a story about a girl named Lucky...

If you guess where that comes from you get $1,000

Hello!  Sorry this e-mail is so much later than usual- we had Zone Conference on Wednesday, so our p-day is Saturday this week.  But I guess that's good- it means I have more to talk about with y'all!

It was super great to talk to all of you!  Now until Christmas...

So like I said, we had Zone Conference on Saturday in Novosibirsk, so that was cool.  We went on a bus there on Turesday and stayed with some sisters over night.  It actually snowed Tuesday night/Wednesday, so that was a shocker!  But I guess it figures... in Siberia.  Haha.  The Missionaries from Barnaul, Novo, and Tomsk were there.  So it was fun to see elders I had served with, and of course my sisters from the MTC.

Now I'm back in Barnaul, and the weather is pretty splendid!  I'm not sure what to talk about... nothing much is new here.

Dad- Sounds like you had fun being a "nursery mommy" for a day, haha. :)  That's pretty cool.  You are always good at that kind of stuff. :)  Yeah, I went to the temple in Finland again and it was sooo splendid.  It was much needed.  I'm so grateful for the opportunity to go to the temple every 3 months.  It's not usual on a mission, from what I hear.  And you are right- that is a memorial for WWII.  It's called "everlasting fire" or something along those lines.  I guess there are one of those memorials in most cities in Russia.  That's what I hear, anyway.  That's cool about the ammunition stuff.  I didn't know that about Barnaul.  I'll have to find out more info on that.  But you're awesome and I love you!!

Mom- Yes I would love to go on a retreat with you when I get back!!  :)  Let's do it!  I'm sorry about your shot appt.  I hope you had it done and that you're feeling better!  Let me know how it went.  Right now you have tons of people at your house.  Crazy!  Tomorrow is a special special day!  :)  How cool that Kimberlee went through the temple the other day.  Definitely a special time.  I'm excited to see pictures of this weekend!!  :) :)  I think the flower idea would be really sweet!  You are so thoughful!  Thanks for doing that, Mom!  You can tell her this:

Sister Grannis-
Thank you SO much for your letters!  Thank you so much for your support and love.  I really appreciate the effort you put into writing me letters. (You are, by the way, one of my most dependable writers!  :) )  I hope your week is super wonderful and you are feeling cheerful with the beautiful weather I hear is there!  You are so great!  :)
Sister Reed

Thanks for doing that.  :)  

Well I love you all so very much and I hope all continues to be well with you!  Thanks so much for your love!  Have a great weekend together this weekend!!  :)

Much love,
Sister Reed :)  

                   1) me, sis fronk, sis rivas- MTC sisters! at ZC

                                 2) our branch building

            3) in America, you'd see little picket white fences around the garden.  Here you have.... little white... tires?


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