Sunday, May 9, 2010

Proverbs 3:5-6

That's one of my favorite verses....

Well Hello all!!  Thanks so much for the e-mails!  It was fun to read about everyone.
As you can guess, things have changed quite a bit for me.  I'm in a new city with a new comp.  It's almost just as hard being with this Russian comp as it was with my first.  I'm really out of practice with my Russian from having an American comp last time.  And.... just the culture difference... it's a learning experience.  :)  It for sure could be worse.

So the train ride was cool- I rode on the train with Sis Fronk again... she got transferred as well.  So it seems like we are just taking this mission journey together really.  It's funny.  It was good- I got to sleep and wrote a few letters and stuff.  And we made a new friend.  This little girl came in our koupe (i don't know how to spell it) and decided she wanted to play with us.  It was pretty funny.  After a while we wanted to sleep, so we would tease her a bit (hiding her toys so she would get a bit irritated and leave).  haha.  But nothing mean of course.  :)  And we actually took a stop in Krasnoarsk and I saw Sis Gorlova!  She came to the train station along with Elder Player who I served with before too.  It was cool!

So we eventually arrived in Novosibirsk where I stayed overnight and then got on a bus the next morning for Barnaul.  Me and Elder Larkin arrived there and no one was there to pick us up.  We waited for maybe 30 minutes with all our luggage and stuff in this new city, and finally the missionaries showed up.  My new apt is pretty nice!  Nicer than the one in Irkutsk.  Barnaul is pretty cool- there are a lot more nicer buildings here and big apt complexes compared to Irkutsk.  But no awesome, pretty wood houses.  I have a good feeling about this city, though.  The people seem less pushy and more laid back a bit.  It's cool.
I for sure miss all my dear loved-ones in Irkutsk, though.  :(

Mom- I'm sorry about your arm!!  I hope things really get better next Tuesday when you go in again!  I'm super excited to talk to you for sure soon!!!  And I'll answer all questions on the phone, ok?  :) :)  Yes, I am not dead....  HAHA.  And thanks so much for sharing that scripture with me.  Yes, I remember how you shared Ether 12 with me and how it really did help me in that time of need.  You are quite close to the spirit, it's true.  :)

Dad- I'm glad you liked the pic.  I hope it works for ya.  I know, the dog in the background is funny, haha.  My comp took that pic for me.  That would be really cool if you served in Russia on your mission!  :)  I think that you would really like it!  But of course I would say that.  :)  And good job on finishing the Book of Mormon!  Go you!  :)  I'm almost done finally- I started in the MTC.  I bet you've passed me up a couple times already.  :)  But I can see how it would be really cool to read the Book of Mormon each time with a different view point.  I will for sure do that next time!

Ash- Thanks for the letter!!  I'm so excited to hear that Clay is taking steps!  Man, I wish I was there to see y'all when you go to Spokane in a few weeks!  Keep me updated on everything.  :) I love you!!  :)

So I have an idea.  How about you all have questions and things ready to ask so we don't waste any time, ok?  It would be sad to feel like we didn't use our time the most we could have.  Okay thanks.  :)

Well I love you all dearly and I hope you have a super great week!!  Talk to you so soon!!!

I love you!!!

Sister Reed :)


                         us waiting to leave

                         my feet on the train

                      ask me about these things

                                and these

                              my apt building

                          i don't remember what this is....

               or this.... I downloaded too quick w/o remembering

love you!


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