Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Hakuna Matata


This will be the second to last e-mail you receive from Siberia!  Crazy, huh?!?!?!?  I still can't believe that it's true.  Time has flown by and it makes me sick haha.

Well I am here now in this lovely, but cold city of Krasnoyarsk.  It is very pretty here.  I always wanted to serve here because I knerw that it was pretty, and has mountains and things around where the other cities don't really.  I have enjoyed being here so far.  My second day here I gave a talk in the ward... which is way super small.  I'm not sure if it is just small, or if there are a ton of non-actives.  It seems like there are a ton of people on the ward list.  Anyway, I gave a talk about Family Home Evening and how it strengthens families.  I reminisced and thought about the family evenings we had as I was growing up.  Good times.  :)  It's true that maybe we won't remember every lesson we had or what exactly we did, but that we were consistent.  Like Elder Bednar says, that's the most important thing, and it had/has a big meaning to me that we did that.

My new companion for the two weeks is Sister Filatova.  She's way cool!  This is her third transfer, so I have another step-daughter!  :)  It's been fun, and I'm grateful that I could finish my mish with her.
Can't say much about investigators because we don't really have any promising ones here.  We are on the search!  I can't believe how much searching I've been doing my whole mission.  Of course I want to see something happen from all of this, but I try to have faith that God knows best.  I'm just trying to do my part.

So Krasnoyarsk is a big city, and there are actually 2 sets of sisters here now.  Sister Fronk and Fesenko are on the other bank.  Our areas are separated by a river.  There are 3 branches.  I was way dissapointed when I went to English on our bank, and FOUR people came.  What?!?  It was a big bummer to see.  I guess they've really tried hard to get English going, but they can't seem to do it very well.
I'll try to take as many pics as I can and show them to you later.

We had a conference just for sisters yesterday and it was pretty cool.  there will be 5 sisters leaving really soon to go home, so they organized this conference for the newer sisters (who are all way young.. the oldest is about a year, and then the next oldest is 6 months on the mission) so they could get advice and instruction because they will be the leaders soon.  It was a good conference- we had it at Pres's house.  Cozy.  Here's a pic from it.  My comp is in the pink shirt with the brown blazer standing up.

Dad- I will be sure to get you a hat :)  and some ties.  Thanks for your testimony!  It helps me and strengthens me.  We are all so blessed to have been born in this church!  I love you!

Mom- Don't worry about last week- it's okay!  :)  Thanks for the pic-- Joslyn is way funny.  :)  you still didn't answer me about the boots.  Do you want some?  I think that the ones I am using you will not want to use.  They have gotten pretty bad these last couple of months.  Let me know.  I love you!

Dayton and Ashley- Congratulations!!!  That's way cool that you're having a boy!  Let me know when you decide on a name!  And thanks for all the work you did on my comp-- man, it'll be so sweet.  Oh, and Dayton- there's an elder here that's from the Nashville area.  His name is Beau Lilenquist.  Which cities did you serve in around Nashville?

Krystine-  Thanks for your e-mail!  I love you!  You're amazing!

I hope you all have a wonderful week!  I love you all!

Sister Reed


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