Sunday, January 9, 2011

I'm leavin... on a jet plane..

Well I don't know if it'll be on a plane or on a train, but I am actually leaving.  Can you believe it?  (And I actually found out early- President hasn't announced transfers yet! (those office elders have been slacking on their secret-keeping skills!) )  I'm headed to Krasnoyarsk for my last 2 weeks of my mission!  haha--- it's pretty crazy.  But I'm actually really excited.  It's the one city that I always desired to serve in.  So on Friday, I'll hear the news, and then the following week sometime I'll be heading out.  Of course I'll be sad that I'm leaving because I really did grow to love people here in Novo the short time I was here.  But I know that the Lord knows best!

So thanks so much for the e-mails!  As usual, I love hearing about your lives and what's going on!  And I LOVED the pics!!!  Man, Joslyn and Clay are both so big!  And SO cute!!!  :) :)

My New Year was full of more movies, games, and food.  We were at President Trejo's house again the whole day.  It was cool, but hard to just sit around all day and do nothing--   It was cool, though, to watch Fiddler on the Roof :)

It has been way super cold and everyone hates it.  But we are trying to surivive the best we can!  It makes it harder to talk to people on the streets, so we try to talk to them more on the bus and in stores and stuff.  We still search for those people who are waiting for the gospel!!  Trying to do our best-- I know that they are waiting, but God has a special time and place for us to meet them.  I pray that He will guide us to those places that we need to be in the time that we need to!  In the meantime, we try to strengthen those members that we have.

I love those members of the church who have a true desire to do the Lord's will.  There's this lady here who wants to go to the temple so bad, but she wants to go with her whole family.  Her daughter is inactive and her granddaughter not too long ago got baptized and has started to follow the pattern of her mom.  This lady, Lydmilla, does her very best and is so dedicated.  People like that are such an inspiration to me.  Humble, willing to grow and learn.  Having faith to keep the commandments of God and do what He asks because they know that it's the best for them to do.  Having faith that Heavenly Father will take care of them if they do.  I know that if we put God first in our lives, everything else, in all spheres of our lives, will work out for our good.  Don't ever slack living the gospel to its fullest.  It's way easy to go down that path, and so much harder to return to the right path.

I hope that you will all have a wonderful week this next week!  I hope that you all made New Year's resolutions!  Goals are great!  I didn't realize that before I went on my mission.

Mom- thanks for your love.  :)  All is the same still.... we'll see what happens!
I'm so proud of you for all the improvements you're trying to do in your life.  :)  I am also trying to eat better!  Haha- I actually wrote myself a bunch of little notes to remind myself and posted them in the house.  My companion asked myself what the words mean written on them and it's funny to explain.  I hope you find some sort of funny/amusing thing every day to make you happy.  Prayer works wonders, and I totally realized that reading scriptures is such a stress-reliever.  It might sound cliche, but it works so well !! I love you so much!!  You are amazing!!!  :) :)

Dad-  My comp liked the food you gave me, thanks!  I think on the front of our shirts are just a map and angel moroni.... I don't remember.  :)  We actually stayed home and cleaned on 31 of Jan... FUN!!  But now our apt is all clean!  Yay!  Do you have a little heater?  Maybe you could bring that to work?  Hope you have a great week!  I love you!!!!  you're so super great!!

Much love from Siberia...

Sister Reed :)


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