Sunday, January 9, 2011

MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! С Рождеством!!!

Hey!!  WOW!  I really felt loved today with all the letters!  It was great to hear from everyone- Mom and Dad, Grandma Judy, Tia, Heather, Ashley and Clay :), Dayton, Grandma and Grandpa Harr.  THANK YOU!!!  :)  You are all so great!  I'm really always glad to be updated on your lives, and I'm glad that all is well with each of you!  :)

Thanks everyone for sharing the Chrstmas spirit with me!  I will miss you a lot on Christmas, but I will be so happy to be here for the last Christmas on my mission.  I love the spirit the season brings, and the extra excuses to talk about our Savior, Jesus Christ.  I would like to share my testimony that I know that He LIVES!  He is our redeemer, and it is only through Him that we can return to live with our Heavenly Father for eternity.  We should not delay a moment to come unto Him, know more of Him, follow His perfect example of love and obedience.  He prepared the way, and it is our privilege and blessing to follow it.  Please remember the meaning behind the holiday this year.  Christ is the reason.  This is His Birthday, after all.  Think to yourselves: What kind of gift can I give Jesus Christ this year?  Let's make this the most memorable Christmas ever.  :)

So it's been another interesting week!  It has been FREEZNG lately (-30 degrees celcius during the day) as you can tell from the pictures.  But that doesn't keep us down!  We've been working still with Sasha, and she is pretty ready to get baptized on Sunday!  Things have slowed down a bit with Masha- she hasn't been able to meet lately.  And things are moving along with Andrei... he finally talked to us a lot more this last tme!  It was cool- he's beginning to trust us more.  Soon we will switch him over to the elders... we figure it would probably just work better that way.  :)

We had a way cool Christmas party here last week.  I will have to send pics later.  The little kids put on a skit of the nativity and we sang in a choir.  It was neat.  :)  The kids were way cute!  :)

Congratulations to everyone who has received mission calls lately!!!  That is soooooo cool!!!!  Lots of peeps going to Brazil!!  Everyone will be speaking Spanish at the family reunions!  Haha!  But way awesome news!!  Missions are the best ever!!

Mom- Everything sounds great, thanks!!!  You are AMAZING!!!!  I'll be very excited to talk to you in a few days!!  Maybe have some questions ready or somethin you want to talk about, ok?  That way we won't be sitting in that awkward silence.  haha!  Glad that you're feeling well these days.  :)  I love you!!  Talk to you soon!  :):)

Dad- I have a while to talk, so it'll be cool.  I will wait and not get too panicked if you don't call right away.  :)  It would be cool too if you had something you wanted to talk about... maybe get some ideas going.  :)  Yeah we have a subway in Novo. I had to think about what you were talking about-- the restaurant or what-- because we always call the subway "metro."  haha.  Confusion.  I love you and am excited to hear from you soon!!!  :)
oh and that one time you wrote in Russian, I didn't fully get it.  :)  What does it mean?

 с любовью,
сестра Рид :)


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