Sunday, January 24, 2010


Hey!!  Thanks so much for all the e-mails I got!!  It was great to hear from everyone!  Even the little, "Hey, I'm alive!" notes are super great!  And I got a way super great e-mail from Krystine... glad to hear you're doing well in Vegas!!  I can't wait to get your other letter too!

SO!  Life is good!  I'll tell you what.. we did a ton of service this past week again.  We've been doing a lot of physical labor lately- my arms are going to be so buff!  Last week we helped a girl Anna carry a ton of wood (like fire wood before it's chopped up).  And we have helped a couple бабушки clean their houses, carry and deliver groceries, pick up medicine for people, and so on.  It's always fun to do service.  I love it.  But one thing Sister Southam has been trying to do and I am destined to help her, is get VT set up.  People need to help each other out, and in turn it will help us do more missionary work during the day.  And it will create more friendships in the branch, which everyone says is a problem here.  It seems to be a never-ending battle, but we'll see if anything happens this week with that.  

Sorry I forgot to respond to the food question.  Food here is super good!  I actually really enjoy beets and potatoes.  Beets just boiled for a while and eaten are super tasty.  (and really beneficial for the body, haha.)  And I enjoy a lot гречка.  It's like a substitute for rice... really good.  And of course, пелмены.  It's like bread with either meat or potatoes or something else on the inside.  It's really common here, and you can buy a bag with a bunch of them frozen.  I haven't eaten anything really weird yet..... but I've heard of weird things.  Usually if we go to a member's house for any reason, they generally feed us a dessert.  The cakes here are super good.  And the juice is SO good.  And the ice cream.... way amazing.  But yeah, generally at home, we just eat meat and rice or something, or soup.  Nothing too weird.  :)

Things have pretty much stopped with Nastya for now.  It is really sad, but some times, people give in to temptation and find a reason to stop meeting with us.  Often it is... "no time"... or they just don't show up to appointments... or something.  It's really hard, but it's often.  But we haven't given up on her, we still call her and keep up on her.  Thanks for your prayers and everything!!  Maybe she won't get baptized when she's with us, but I feel like she will sometime in her life.  The good news is.... our Mongolian friends are back in town from the holiday!  And one of them... Жаргалтогтох (I have no idea how to spell that in english) wants to get baptized!  This girl knew nothing about Jesus Christ before she started meeting with us.  And the thing is, she still doesn't really because she speaks less Russian than I do!  But she recognizes the Spirit and has those good feelings, and has a desire to be baptized!  So we're working with her right now.  It's super slow, but she has a date for Jan 30th.  Hooray!  We just love our Mongolian girls!  And it's super cool because they brought back with them 4 Books of Mormon in Mongolian as well as a bunch of brochures in Mongolian!  And before that we had 1 Book of Mormon.  So that's super great!  

No, I haven't bought anything yet for Christmas.  I will for sure send pictures though when I do!!  :)  Time.... it's an interesting thing....  :)

Tell Pres Pitcher Hi for me, ok?  :)  Thanks!  

And sounds like a cool thing to be studying the Sermon on the Mount again.  I should do that too!  I also want to read all of Joseph Smith History again.  But Mom, you're right, you can pick something up each time you read the scriptures!  I can testify of that!  Aren't the scriptures great?!?!  You should keep me updated on what you learn from the Sermon on the Mount.  I'd be interested to hear!  And yes, I'm super excited to have the BEST Visiting Teachers EVER!!  :)  

My Russian... is coming.  I hope.  It's hard for me to tell.  I think it would be easier for someone on the outside to tell me how I'm doing, because sometimes it feels like I'm at the same level.  But I'm still working on it!!  :) 

Well, I do love you all and I hope you have a super great week!!  I hope I answered all of your questions!  

Don't worry about your letters, they are great.  I always love getting them!  And thanks again for the pictures, Dad!!    
I love you!!
Love, Sister Reed :) 

For Ashley  :)

One of my favs!  HAHAHA

Irkutsk, Angara River

Angara River

Angara River


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