Sunday, January 10, 2010

This Christmas I gave you my heart

Last Christmas I gave you my heart, but the very next day you gave it away. This year to save me from tears, I'll give it to someone speeeeeecial... Would you believe that I heard that song recently?  And my favorite version too..... hahaha

Hello all!  THANKS THANKS THANKS for your e-mails and pictures and all that fun stuff!  It was really super awesome!  Hey Dad, I thought of some pictures I would like.  Would you mind sending me some of the pictures I've taken for photography?  I'm really not sure, since there's nothing too interesting... eh.  My most intersting ones are not on the computer.  Maybe if it's possible to scan, one or two from my room?  And maybe a wedding one if you can?  Thanks!!  

So as far as a Christmas gift, I think I've decided on something!  A Bible!  And maybe a scarf- like a fancy one, not really one for warmth... or maybe one for warmth... or maybe one that does both!  But probably just a bible for now.  And yes, I did buy a new pair of gloves (hooray!)  and I got a new BoM. Ура!!!  

So New Years was super crazy.  Well for everyone else except us, haha.  We went home and cleaned all night.  And then we woke up around 12 when all the fireworks went off like crazy!  EVERYWHERE.  And it probably went until 3 am. New Years is CRAZY.  It's like their Christmas here where they give gifts and all that stuff.  So it was really cool to see that.  Yes, we went over to the Southams again.  :)  Did they send you pictures, by the way?  And it was pretty fun there like always.  :)  

Thanks for your concern and love for me.  I do feel your prayers.  I'm so grateful for my wonderful family!  And friends!  

It has been so COLD here this past week!  Sometimes I wonder why my eyeballs don't turn into ice.  We talk about that sometimes.  Kinda gruesome, huh?

So our goal as a mission is to have 20 meetings every week.  Hard.  So we have been planning like crazy to meet with more people, and have quality meetings.  Sadly, our Mongolian girls are home for the holidays (yeah Mom, lots of people travel for the holiday season, which is Jan 1-10th and Christmas is Jan 7th :) ) and we really only have 2 people we're meeting with.  That one guy that sounded really interested in the church never came and won't answer our phone calls.  Sadly, that's typical.  So we are trying to have lots of meetings, but also have time to find people to meet with.  It'll be a tricky week.  But lately, I've had a strong resolution to try my hardest to talk with everyone.  It's hard and scary because I don't know what to say, or how to say it in Russian, or what to say if they answer me.. haha!  But I know that if I show God that I am willing to try, He will put more people in our path.  So that's my goal!

Wow Krystal's already married?  Cool!  And no, I didn't know that Marissa was engaged.  Хулигантга! 

Well, I better get going, but I love you all very much and Have a happy week!  You're all the best!  Here are some pictures- 

we walk by these buildings every day almost on our way to the branch building.  It's so pretty.  

And I feel like I'm in Charlie and The Chocolate factory with that church.  It was a particularly smokey day that day.  

                            And that's us in the back of the bus.  :)
С Любовью, 
Сестра Рид  :)


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