Sunday, January 31, 2010

Sledding in Russia!

Hello!  It feels like a long time since I've talked to you!  How is everyone?  
I don't print out my e-mails, but I have enough time to read them all.  Please keep them the way they are!  :)
Russian country side

This week was pretty good- we're still teaching Жаргалтогтох, and it's been pretty great!  She's understanding everything with her lack of Russian speaking; Heavenly Father is really helping with that.  She will be ready to be baptized on Saturday and we're all really excited!  We had a great Zone Conference this week- President and Sister Trejo came and talked with us.  The missionaries from Улан-Удэ were there too so that was cool.  We talked a lot about planning in this last conference.  I really want to focus more on the spiritual side of planning, and really focus on the people and their needs.  We plan A LOT as any return missionary knows, so it's better to make it a pleasant experience.  On Sunday, Pres Trejo gave a really great talk in sacrament meeting to the members of our branch.  He told some prophesies about how in this area there will be a stake eventually and thousands of members.  But in order to accomplish that, the members need to give their part.  They need to really make an effort in missioanry work, and in helping inactive members and new converts.  It was very spiritual, and I hope the members really listened, I know that it inspired me!  I know that President Trejo is inspired and he knows what the people here need to hear.  And that night we had a fireside about missionary work and how the members can do it.  They practiced a little, and I think it helped them get a good idea of where to start in talking with their friends and family.  It was pretty cool!  I hope that we are all helping the missionaries in doing missionary work.  It's so super super great when the members refer their friends or acquaintances to the missionaries.  And it's like an insta-friend for the investigator!  It really helps with lessons.  :)  We all want our brothers and sisters to return to live with our Heavenly Father, right?  Heaven would sure be a lonely place without our friends and family there!  :)

Last P-Day we went sledding again, haha.  It was really fun, but we were seriously sore after wards.  There was this crazy tilt-a-whirl of death there.  It was pretty sweet.  Russians sure know how to have fun in the snow!  :)

Beautiful slides!

Someone sits in the sled and other people run and push!

That's cool about your Stake Conference!  That reminds me of the talk by Elder Scott about spiritual revelation.  You should read it.  :)  When Heavenly Father gives us precious truths, to write it down and ponder it, like you said you did, Dad.  Then God will give us more! I'll take your example and do that more, too.  :)  It sounded like an overall really good Stake Conference!!  How cool!
And Mom, keep being awesome with changing people's lives and bringing families together!  :)
Well I hope you all have a super great week!  Oh, that's exciting about Jared Jolstead!  When does he report to the MTC?  OH-- and I got a way sweet package from Jen Houser!  Thanks!!  And I got a letter from Lindsay and Blayre.  Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!  

I love you all!  Have a great week!  I pray for you every day!!  Thanks for your prayers and support!!  Oh p.s.- Transfers are this week.  I think I'll be staying but we'll see!!
С Любовю, 
Сестра Рид   :)


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