Sunday, January 3, 2010

с новом годом! (Happy New Year!)

Happy New Year!!

Hello everyone!  It was super great to talk to you all on Christmas!  Thanks so much for all of your support and happiness.  I needed it!  I hope all of your Christmases were super great!  Thanks for the pictures!!  It was like I was there!  Okay... maybe not quite, but still it was super cool.

And it was super great to receive lots of mail on Christmas eve after a long, lonely transfer... :)  Lindsay, Krystine, Blayre, Brianne, Aunt Barbara, Heather, Steve, Kurtis, Zeke, Jennifer... Thank you!!!!  Gosh, you're all the best.

Well Christmas was great!  We went over to the Southams and had roast for dinner (yes, I enjoyed it :) ) and had a little gift exchange like at home!  I got a cool flashlight that's all camoflaugey.  Then we watched Pete's Dragon... first time I ever watched it, and I gotta say, probably the last.  Hahaha!

The coolest part of Christmas though, was the little service we did.  There are these people that live by the dumpster that Pres and Sis Southam use.  They have no home, just 3 brick walls and they have a little fire going.  The Southams think that they might use this abandoned place nearby for more shelter.  I hope so.  But we went there and gave them the extra food we had from Christmas dinner.  The woman's hands were black from filth and cold.  Then we sang them a hymn.  It was so sad to see.  More and more I am becoming more and more grateful for what I have.

Last night on the tramvai there was this man sleeping on the floor, passed out from drunkeness.  It is not uncommon to see people on the tramvai sleeping, and when people try to wake them they won't because they're so out of it from being drunk.  It's becoming more apparent how much people here need the gospel in their lives.

On a happier note, CONGRATULATIONS Shon and Kimberlee!  Wow, I want details!  And pictures!  I am so happy for you- you deserve the most happiness- you're such a great brother!

Things this week were pretty good!  Here are some pictures for y'all....

                                Happy New Year!

                                   This is in the renok

                         Yay!  I love the pants Grandma gave me!

These are sweet camoflauge aprons Sis Southam made for all of us- watch out! :)

               It's pretty cold here-- frost on the eyelashes

                     It's true- I love Russia!

English club is good- little people there because of the holiday- hopefully after it will pick up!  But besides that, just working!  We haven't tracted much; it feels like an odd week because of all the holidays.  Sometimes I don't feel like a missionary because we're at the Southams often lately eating and celebrating.  I think after the New Year I will feel better about that.  And on Monday we planned our whole transfer which takes a big chunk of the day... I dunno.. just a weird week.  We helped this old lady clean her house yesterday, tho.  That was pretty fun!  :)

Oh dad remember those pictures you asked about?  One is of a skunk and armadillo together... what the heck?  And the one for Dayton.. spell it out.  :)

Well I hope you all have a WONDERFUL week and I'll be looking forward to talking to you next week!
с любвю,
Сестра Рид  :)


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