Sunday, March 7, 2010

HAPPY MEN'S DAY!!! And other great stuff...!!!

HELLO EVERYONE!!!  Man, it was great to hear from so many wonderful people this week!!!!  I felt SO loved!!  Mom, Dad, Krystine, Lindsay, Abe, Jen (aka thweet lipth :) ), Blayre!!  Thanks so much for your e-mails and letters!!!  I wish I had time to write real letters.  But know that I love you all and am so glad to hear from you!  And I will do my absolute best to write you back!! 

So today was SO SO cool!  It's p-day like usual, right?  But it was an UN-usual day!  We went to Lake Baikal!!  One of the biggest lakes in the world.  It is all fresh water, and is actually 1/5 of the world's fresh water.  It's the deepest lake in the world, and it's longer than the height of Utah.  Just a little factual information for you.  
But anyway, it was all iced over!  Like, people actually take a day and walk across the lake for fun.  So we got to check it out today. It was BEAUTIFUL!!  I forgot my cord again for my camera (sorry....) but I will for sure show you next week.  I got some way rad pictures.  

As far as missionary work, this week was still pretty difficult.  BUT, we were going through the area book this last week a lot and calling up old contacts and investigators.  One girl, Elvira, was an investigator for quite a while but stopped meeting with the missionaries.  We called her up and she met with us!  It was really good; she's a very sweet girl!  We are going to meet with her again on Saturday so we're pretty excited!  AND, we had this super great lesson last night at the Southams with these 3 girls who came to english club before it ended.  Their names are Helen, Natasha, and Marina (the Marina from a while ago.)  We watched Finding Faith in Christ.  And it was so good.  Natasha really opened up and wants to learn more!  So we are meeting with her also on Saturday.  

This past week, we have been doing a TON of english club contacting.  We have these cards we pass out and invite them to come when it starts back up.  We have gotten over 80 names!  So we'll have a ton of calling to do, but we have a ton of opportunity for new people!  :) I don't know if we'll even have english club before the transfer ends at this rate with the painting still not started!  Gah!  

Dad- GOOD JOB!!!  You are such a great missionary!  I want to hear when you have a cool experience!  Your desire and attitude is the most important, and it's right in line!  That's so great!  And that's so awesome all that the ward is trying to do with missionary work there. Your ward mission leader sounds really dedicated.  Thanks so much for your testimony in all of your e-mails.  It really boosts mine!  It's so great! 
And thanks for the pics!!!  

p.p.s.- HAPPY MEN'S DAY!!!  Feb 23rd.. official Men's Day.  Hope you did something fun.  :)

Mom- WOW!  You have just been so blessed with wonderful experiences!  I can't wait to hear about them!  OH- and I got your card and post cards!  :)  Thanks!!!  It was wonderful!!  :)  And about the Russian people... you know, most Russians.... they just aren't very friendly by nature.  Only when they get to know you will they open up.  Maybe you can mention something about your daughter being in Russia and how much she loves it.  Ask them where they are from maybe.  See how much they know English.  (don't worry about sounding silly :) And saying hello or a smile will never offend anyone.  You have a great smile to share that would soften anyone's heart :) ).  I don't know, let me know if that helps.  I'll try to think of more things, too.  You're awesome!!!  (good luck with american idol... I hear US is kicking booty with the olympics! ) 

Speaking of booties... I fell 2x last week... Bah.  Now I have a sensitive rear-end.  

p.p.s.-  Anna from here in Russis told me that you commented on one of her photos on facebook.  She asked me what "goofy" meant.  :) 

Thanks so much for all of your prayers and thoughts!  I just know and have seen how much prayer works and am so grateful that you take the time to do that!!  I hope you know that I pray for you too!  I am so blessed to have you!  Also, I am so grateful for fasting because I know that when we sacrifice and really show Heavenly Father how much we want to learn from Him and be close to Him, He is more than happy to bless us.  He knows our hearts and our desires.  And He knows what we can accomplish.  All we have to do is put forth the faith and act.  

I love you all so much!!  Keep being awesome!!
с любовю,
Сестра Рид  :)


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