Sunday, March 21, 2010

It's just another day in paradise...

AHHH!!! Thanks SO much for the e-mails!! I was so excited to hear from all of you! And it was SUPER great to hear from Kimberlee!! THANKS! And I will write you back a letter for sure- I hope it doesn't take forever to get there! And Mom, could you tell Sean McNulty that I got both his letters and THANKS for sending them!

So this week was good! Zone Conference was super super super great! We had President Schweitzer there and he talked a lot during it which was cool. He just really pumped us up! He talked a lot about obedience and things. I will have to bring my notes next week and share what I learned. We all had interviews with him which was way cool. He's just a really nice, chill guy, so it was a really good time with him.

TONS of people came to English Club!! It was way good!! And lots of new people. So we have high hopes with that! It's really one of the coolest ways to find new investigators... so we'll see what we can do.

I went yesterday and today without a hat!! Wahoo!! That means that spring is coming, and then summer! Well, eventually. But that's good news! And oh yeah, I will be here another transfer in Irkutsk with Sister Gneiting. I just can't imagine serving anywhere else but Irkutsk! I just hope this means that something really exciting is in store this week for us since we'll both still be here!
So no meetings with Helen or Natasha this week. :( They are busy girls. But we plan on meeting this coming up week so we hope it works out! We had a meeting with this woman, Tamara this week. We contacted into her, and it was a good first lesson! Then on Monday I called her and asked her when we could meet again, and she said, "I will NOT read your Book of Mormon and I will NOT pray." I was like, "Uhhhh.......why??" She just said that she doesn't need the Gospel in her life. Yeah, who needs the true, fullness of the gospel? Or maybe exaltation? I was pretty shocked.

Marina's just not ready at all to accept the Gospel. So we're not going to ask her to have any more lessons with us until she tells us she is ready. It's just too different for her, and she can't adjust or open up more. Like what you were saying Dad: it's a big deal for a person to open up to those feelings. I hope someday things will work out for her!

Good news, I am feeling a lot better, thanks! How is Joslyn doing?  I couldn't believe how much teeth she has!! She's so big! (cool guitar, Dad!)

Mom- Cool new calling!! That'll be super great!  And I got your letter!!! And the card! It made my day. Completely. :) Thank you so so much for sharing your experience with me. It really got me thinking. And I think I may have received some revelation from your experience as well. :) And yes, you are wonderful! So those good feelings you felt were totally deserved! (p.s.- you should force dad to take you to "Remember Me". hehehe! And did you go see New Moon yet?)

Dad- Yes, I would like to sign Joslyn's adoption papers as a sibling. Is everyone going to do it? That sounds like a really great idea. :) Very sweet.

Let me know how your talks are going- good luck with prayer- that is a very wide topic! But you'll do great! You're super awesome!!

Well I do love you all so, and I hope you each have a fantastic week!! Keep up the great work of being just super-tastic people!!

Until next week!

С любовью,

сестра рид :)


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