Sunday, March 7, 2010

Letter from the "Snow Maiden!"

Hello hello!!

Oh goodness, thanks so much for the e-mails!!  I sure love gettin' em!  Sounds like it's warming up there, huh?  Nice!  I wish I could say the same for here, HAHA!  Hopefully soon, though!  :)

So this week was pretty great.  We met with Natasha and talked about the restoration with her.  She speaks English fluently and said she wanted to hear the lesson in English.  It was weird to teach in English...  But she seemed very interested in our message.  She said she would pray about it, so we have high hopes about her.  It's weird sometimes to just promise people, "I promise that if you sincerely ask God if these things are true, He will answer you."  It's weird to think that we have enough "power" to say that.  But we're called to do it.  I think I take advantage of that (take it for granted).  

We also met with Helen last night.  We taught her in English as well.  She had a lot of questions, but was very interested when we told her that we have a living prophet.  But the lesson went well and you can tell she was thinking a lot about what we had to say.  I hope she wasn't only hearing with her ears and thinking with her brain, but feeling with her heart.  Sometimes I know she felt something.  

We had a meeting with Elvira this week also!  We decided to just ask her what she believes.  She has been taught everything she needs to know before baptism (it was a while ago), and we just wanted to ask why she didn't get baptized and so on.  She told us that she likes the BoM, and she loves being around members of the church.. but she doesn't believe in a latter-day prophet.  And she has speculations about other things.  She said that she has good feelings when she's with us, but she also receives good feelings when she goes to her church.  (provoslavic) (like everyone).  Basically her main problem is she never received an answer if the church was true.  We talked a lot about that with her.  She wants a vision or a big sign or something to know it's true.  I can understand her.. I feel that way sometimes too when I want answers.  But it takes faith.  And she doesn't have that right now.  And she said she doesn't have much of a desire to seek out an answer and really try.  So it's really hard to see that kind of thing happening... but we are trying to see what we can do to help her.  We haven't completely given up yet.  :)

But anyway.... life is good!  Sometimes I think about what life would be like after my mission, and it freaks me out!  Haha!!  I can't imagine doing anything else right now!!  

Dad-  Thanks for doin the money!!  And I hope all is well with work and stuff!  Are you keeping really busy?  What have you been up to there?  And........... 
 HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!  
I hope your day is super great!  :) :) :)  Because YOU are!!  :)  I LOVE YOU!!!

Mom- How is everything with Joslyn going?  The adoption and stuff.  I hope it doesn't take too long!!  How's it going with the Russians in our neighborhood?  Have you tried talking to them yet?  I LOVE YOU  SO MUCH!!!  :) :)

Hey Mom, could you tell Lindsay Laird that I love her dearly and yes I did get her e-mail and I got one hand-written letter with the pretty petal paper so far.  Thanks!!!!  And could you tell her that she's awesome and WOWZA!!  :)
                1) Sister Tamara.  She is so darling, we just love her.

                                    2) One of my new scarfs!

                                    3) The other one!

      4) All of us on this old cool building in a town right next to Baikal

       5) The closest I've ever been to being Harry Potter!  :)

                         6) Crazy cool swing thing

7) We went sliding down slides on cow hides!  Russians know how to do it!

                                             8) Baikal!

                                 9) coolness

                                10) so so neat!

                                  11) pretty!

               12) The closest I've ever been to walking on water!!  :)

                13) where am I?? Antarctica?  Nope... pretty close tho

                          14) me and sis Gneiting

                                   15) Me

                            16) Снегурочка ("Snow Maiden")

Well I love you all very much and I hope you have a super great week!!  Keep being awesome!  Thanks so much for your support and love!!!  
С любовю,
Сестра Рид  :)


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