Sunday, March 14, 2010

Cow hides for rent!!!

Hello Fam fam!! Thanks SO much for the GREAT letters!

This week went by super fast!! I can't believe how the time is flying!! It's crazy to think that I only have 1 year left already! I need to stop thinking about it... it creeps me out. I had this nightmare the other night that I went home early! And like, no one was happy to see me! But in Russia I guess when you have a dream like that, it means the opposite so that's good. :)  I know this because I had a dream that one of you died (oh so sad) and this Russian girl said that in Russia it means that they will live a long life. So good news.

But anyway, finally English Club is starting up this week!! Finally! Yesterday, we had this sign-up and about 40 people came. I guess all together we had about 400 names and numbers that we collected as a zone when contacting, so we hope lots more come today to the 2nd sign-up. (Just sayin... Sis G and I had 202 out of those names :) ). Helen and Natasha came to church on Sunday! It was way cool. We wanted to meet with them after church, but they had to go watch the new Alice in Wonderland movie or something. Who does that?? Even if it DOES have Johnny Depp in it. And I may or not know that because there is a movie theatre across the street from our branch and they have huge movie posters on the side of the wall. I may or may not notice every time there is a new movie coming out. And I may have seen a new movie poster for a movie called "Remember Me" with Edward in it. Just saying!!

But yeah, we plan on meeting with Helen and Natasha this week. So we pray that something will happen with them!! We aren't sure yet if they've prayed. We'll find out soon. And, we had a super great meeting with Marina this week! Yes, we met with her! Man, I just love her.. she's so great. So on Friday we watched The Testaments with her. We all know how good of a movie that is! She loved the other movie about Jesus Christ, so the Testaments was perfect to tie in the Book of Mormon. She really enjoyed the movie. And we gave her 3 Nephi 11 to read and pray about. Last night I asked her if she had read and prayed yet, and she said she had! And she said that she felt really peaceful afterward. It was so cool! But she is still unsure. I think it will take a little bit of time with her just because this is all so new to her still. But she's making the steps and that's the most important part!

We had a really super awesome District Meeting this last week. We talked a lot about our callings as missionaries. And like what you were saying Dad, about how as missionaries we are called and set apart to a special calling and it includes a stewardship. We were reminded that only apostles and missionaries are called to be the personal representative of Jesus Christ. That's... wow. That makes me really want to make sure my behavior and attitude is in line with what the Savior would do. And we were reminded that in our call letter it says how we are called to "bring others to Christ." Not, "bring non-members to Christ." That means that we have the call to strengthen all in our area. Members and investigators alike. It has been prophesied that this area in Russia will grow and flourish. But it cannot happen without a solid foundation of strong members. That's where our part as missionaries comes in. Help out our little pioneers here. :) So it was a cool eye-opener for me. :)

This Friday will be zone conference!! President Schweitzer of the Quorum of the Seventy is coming to Irkutsk. So I'm pretty excited about that! And that means that this weekend I'll find out about transfers. Crazy time!

Dad- Thanks for your inspiration. You're right, those promises are in the scriptures everywhere. In the end, it's not us making these promises to them anyway.. it's Heavenly Father. And He already has many times in the scriptures. Cool! And yeah, people have rejected prophets throughout time, haven't they? Funny to think how people will think years and years down the road. Maybe finally they'll believe that Joseph Smith was a true prophet? Since he's still being rejected in this day? I do hope that something will spark Elvira and she will have the desire to know the truth. Some people just take a lot more time than others. And the cow hides were just there to rent at that place where the slide was. They did seem pretty fast- I didn't ride them because my butt-bone was still repairing. :) Glad your Birthday was good! You should show me a pic of that R2D2 remote. :)
Mom- That's stinky that Joslyn is sick! I can relate- I am sicky this week too! I hope she feels better soon! That's so funny about all the Russians in Other Mothers. You know what's funny is that here they'll have "garage sales" or "Junk sales" on the streets. They'll just lay a tarp on the ground on the snow and sell their old stuff. They're all about good deals on anything. ;) It's kinda funny.

Well since this week is Zone Conference, that means that I should be getting my mail!! I can't wait!! :)

I'm excited to hear from you! :)

Well I love you all very very much and I'm so grateful for all of you! Keep being happy and healthy and safe! And I'll talk to you next week!! :)

С Любовю,

Сестра Рид :)

aka- Beel, Little, Teedlep


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